What Are the Top 5 MR Reporting Software?

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MR reporting software is an automation tool through which Pharma industries can optimize their field force operations. Keep reading to find out a list of the top 5 MR reporting systems. 

As field sales are becoming popular, it is getting more and more important for businesses to invest in employee tracking tools. It is undeniable that pharma industries mostly encounter challenges in managing their field force. Well, we are here to introduce you to a solution. It is known as MR Reporting Software

Let’s discover the top 5 MR Reporting systems in this blog post! 

But before that, would you like to understand its meaning? If so, take a pause and read the upcoming section. 

What Is MR Reporting Software? 

The medical representative reporting software as the name suggests is an advanced technology for pharma industries. It is a useful automation tool through which companies can streamline their end-to-end business workflows. This includes remote attendance marking,  real-time employee monitoring, task allocation, order management, and more. 

Overall, MR reporting software is a great technology that ensures transparency in business operations and improves your workforce efficiency. 

List of Top 5 MR Reporting Software 

When choosing the best MR reporting software for your business, it is critical to consider numerous factors. These include features, cost, mobile-friendliness, integration options, safety and security, and more. 

Although it will help you make the right investment, the entire process will become time-consuming. 

Therefore, to help you select the best software within a short period, we’ve enumerated a list of the top 5 MR reporting software. 

Find them in the section below: 


Whether you want to streamline your task assignment process or create orders while on the go, TrackoField’s MR reporting system streamlines your end-to-end business workflows. The manager can also use the software to monitor their remote employees in real time. 

Furthermore, the software allows businesses to streamline the employees’ claims and reimbursement process. Besides in-built automation tools, TrackoField provides seamless integration and customisation options. Want to get hands-on experience with these features? Book your demo now! 


SaneForce provides the best MR reporting software for your pharma business. With this software solution, pharmaceutical businesses can digitize and automate the entire manual field force operations. 

The best part is that your field sales representatives can access the software on both iOS and Android devices. What’s in the store for management? 200+ data-driven and analytical reports that can help them save time. Many companies also prefer SaneForce pharmaceutical reporting software as it provides multilingual language support for businesses. 

Marg MR Reporting Software 

Marg MR reporting system presently caters to the needs of more than 1 million businesses. The software not only automates the businesses of India, but also optimizes the pharma operations for organizations in other countries. 

The e-detailing feature of the software attracts companies as it can help them to enhance sales and improve their customer base. Pharma businesses can also ensure work transparency through geo-fencing and live location tracking features. 


GoFrugal is the best solution to streamline your pharma field sales operations. It ensures that your field employees work at their full potential by optimizing their routes and providing real-time insights to the management. You can also use the software to create and manage the orders remotely. 

Nonetheless, the auto generated reports provided by the GoFrugal medical representative reporting software helps the managers to make more strategic business decisions.

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Sales Babu boasts great software solutions to optimize your pharmaceutical business operations. It provides a mobile-based app that enables the managers to monitor the remote workforce in real-time. Additionally, the companies can assign tasks to field employees efficiently with this MR reporting system. It also allows companies to send bulk sms to chemists, doctors, and other remote executives. 


Your pharma business deserves the best pharmaceutical reporting software. TrackoField, SalesBabu, GoFrugal, SaneForce, and Marg are the most popular MR reporting software providers in India. You can compare the features and price quotes for each software carefully to select the one that suits your business needs. 

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