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Tips For Choosing The Best Location To Buy Your Holiday Home

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Choosing the right location for acquiring any property is very important. When it comes to buy vacation home where you intend to spend holidays with your family, or maybe in the future when you can earn income by renting it out, the location becomes even more important. Here are some points that should be considered before deciding the location of your second home:

Buying For Yourself: 

The location should be one that provides you with comfort and relaxation away from the city crowds. In that case, buying a vacation home within the city limits would not make any special sense. Then ask yourself if you like the beach or the mountain and accordingly look for properties there. If you intend to buy vacation homes only for rental. It is common knowledge to choose a place where you would like to spend the holidays yourself. Thus also benefit from your assets. If you’re a beach-dwelling person, shopping in the mountains will mean you won’t get any value from your property. The first priority is to shop for yourself, and then make purchases to earn by renting.  

Buying to Rent out: 

When intending to purchase a vacation home to earn stable rental income, location is most important in terms of determining occupancy. If your vacation home is a few hours drive from a major city, chances are people will want to stay here all year round. If your home is around a popular tourist destination, you will get more inquiries than a city center property. A delightful hut with mountain ranges as the background, but no connectivity to major cities. It will perform well at peak times but is unlikely to fill up during short weekend breaks in the off-season.


When it comes to the real estate and rental markets, independent research is always preferable. Internet forums are a great way to get a comprehensive view of buying and living the specific places you’ve listed.

Rental Demand: 

Look for ads in local newspapers and websites to assess rental demand in the location. As a vacation home owner, you will want to invest in an area that is popular, but where demand exceeds supply. Beach resorts, Marina properties, and holiday homes near golf courses are in constant demand.

Future Development: 

Find the location you have chosen to buy your second home. Meet property agents and try to find out what local authorities or major real estate developers are doing in terms of future development.

Tourist Season: 

Find the peak season and off-season of the location. If you want year-round rental income you will either have to choose a location with good weather all year round, or a location with the possibility of double weather, such as a hill station, for example. But if you’re shopping somewhere with a certain season in mind it’s a good idea to visit that location during the off-season to see if there’s still something to attract travelers.


It makes sense to choose a location that has good connectivity – airport, railway station and good roads.


Since your vacation home will be self-catering. People will want to eat out, so having a pub or restaurant within walking distance is a good selling point. Likewise, a local shop, however small it may be, will survive an hour-long journey for basic necessities such as milk, bread and biscuits. So an ideal property would be a few hours drive from a major city. It will be located at a tourist destination or at least very close and also within walking distance of the nearest shopping center.


Choosing the right location for your holiday home is crucial for maximizing enjoyment, rental potential, and long-term investment returns. By considering factors such as destination suitability, accessibility, amenities, climate, property appreciation, safety, and local expertise, you can ensure that your holiday home purchase is a sound and rewarding investment.

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