Switzerland Student Visa Requirements For Indian

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Are you considering going to school in Switzerland? Fantastic decision. It’s a stunning nation with world-class colleges. But first, you’ll need to understand Switzerland student visa requirements for Indian students. This easy-to-follow tutorial will take you step-by-step through the whole procedure. We will discuss everything you require to submit your application, including the documentation you’ll need. Thus, this guide will assist you in navigating the visa application process quickly, regardless of your academic goals, whether you wish to pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, or even a PhD.

Why Apply To Switzerland For A Student Visa?

Many of Switzerland’s universities are among the best. It is among the top options available to students from abroad. International students who want to study in Switzerland should go through the Switzerland student visa requirements and can have an illustrious career and residency option. In Switzerland, there are several private and state-funded universities. International students can afford the expense of the course.

In Switzerland, students have two educational options: vocational training or one of the many prestigious universities. In addition to various technical institutions offering practical training and awarding certifications and degrees, universities also offer courses ranging from general education to applied sciences. Switzerland features both private universities and institutions supported by the state. To get into these prestigious universities, apply for a Switzerland visa with best study abroad consultant in Delhi soon to complete your dream.

How Can I Obtain A Student Visa For Switzerland?

Getting a Switzerland study visa for an educational institution is the first step towards studying in Switzerland. You can apply for a student visa to study in Switzerland upon obtaining your enrollment certificate from the desired educational institution.

Types of Visa in Switzerland: 

There are a lot of Switzerland study visa requirements if you are from somewhere other than Europe. Two categories exist:

1. Short stay (maximum of three months):
This is a C-type Schengen visa, which is appropriate for brief workshops, language classes, and summer programs.

2. Extended stay (more than three months):
This is reserved for students pursuing doctoral, master’s, or bachelor’s degrees. It is known as a D-type National Visa.

Documents Required For Switzerland Student Visa

You must submit your visa application and supporting documentation at the Swiss consulate. The documentation must be in English or one of Switzerland’s official languages, French, Italian, or German. The following is a list of prerequisites for Indian students and help in Switzerland visa application form online.

1. Acceptance letter from any institution or university in Switzerland
2. Passport valid for more than three months during the visit
3. Evidence of tuition payment
4. Current passport photos
5. Legitimate health coverage
6. Evidence of adequate finances (bank statements, scholarship applications, and any student debts)
7. Updated resume or curriculum vitae
8. Motivational letter with a written pledge to depart Switzerland when studies are over

Language Requirement For Switzerland Student Visa

You need to take an English language competence exam to study in Switzerland from India if you are not a native English speaker. IELTS and TOEFL are the language exams required for Indian students seeking study permits in Switzerland.

IELTS Band Score

The IELTS exam is the primary language examination that most Swiss colleges accept. For Indian students pursuing an MBA, the minimum IELTS band score required for a Switzerland student visa is 5.5 band, while for postgraduate studies, it is 6 band.

Amount of Money Needed

You must fulfill the financial conditions required for an Indian student visa in Switzerland. Before your training starts, you must have enough money in your bank account (CHF 21,000, INR 17,02,670, OR USD 21,460). You must disclose if you have received any scholarships or school loans to help pay for your studies in Switzerland.

Age Requirement

To obtain a Switzerland student visa, you must meet specific age criteria. You must be 18 or older if you aim to study for a degree during a more extended stay (more than three months).

You can be younger than 18 for shorter travels (less than three months), such as language classes or summer programs. But in such a scenario, you’ll require more assistance from your parents. Together with your birth certificate, they must sign a consent sheet on your behalf and produce copies of their passports.

Financial Requirements

You must fulfill the Switzerland study visa cost conditions to be granted a visa. Before your training starts, you must have enough money in your bank account (CHF 21,000, INR 17,02,670, OR USD 21,460). You must disclose if you have received any scholarships or school loans to help pay for your studies in Switzerland.

Procedure for a Student Visa to Switzerland

At first, obtaining a Switzerland Education visa may seem impossible. But try not to worry! With the help of this guide, you may easily navigate the entire procedure and begin your studies in Switzerland.

Step 1: To accept the letter of acceptance to the university.
Step 2: Scheduling a meeting with the Swiss consulate or embassy.
Step 3: Complete the application for a student visa to Switzerland
Step 4: Send in the necessary paperwork
Step 5: Cover the application expenses for a visa.
Step 6: Go to the interview for a visa
Step 7: Make a residency permit application

What Are Student Visa Fees?

The Switzerland visa fee is around CHF 90 (roughly USD 90). There’s an extra fee if you need the visa urgently. You’ll also need to pay for a residence permit after you arrive in Switzerland, which costs about CHF 160 (roughly USD 160).


Understandably, given its excellent universities and promising employment opportunities, you are considering studying in Switzerland. However, you must get a student visa before scheduling your travel. You will find things to be simple with this guide. We’ve reviewed everything Indian students need to know about obtaining a student visa for Switzerland, including the various types of visas, their prices, and the application procedure. If you follow these instructions and get the required paperwork, studying in Switzerland will be within your grasp in no time. So get an appointment for a Switzerland visa from study abroad consultants in Delhi.

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