Technology is Not Working. How to Fix It?

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Accessing the login address is an essential step that every Arlo user needs to follow in order to perform web login for his doorbell, camera, or base station. However, some users have complaint that the Arlo login address is not working for them. You can lean on the troubleshooting techniques jotted below if you are also facing issues visiting Go on reading.

Why is Not Working?

There can be multiple reasons why the Arlo camera/base station login URL is not working for you. But, the major reason is the usage of the incorrect URL. Some users, in a hurry, tend to enter the address incorrectly. They mistype it as or my,; which is an incorrect approach. Thus, if you have also done the same, we recommend you correct your mistake right away.

Just in case you are sure about no typing errors being done by you, you can refer to the following points to learn the reasons behind the issue:

1. The address has been entered into the search box of the browser you are using.
2. You are not connected to a stable internet.
3. Antivirus or firewall installed on your PC is messing up with the process of accessing the login URL of Arlo products.

How to Fix Not Working Error?

It is assumed that you are now well aware of the reasons causing the problem in discussion. Now, it is time to have a look at the solutions to fix the issue. We recommend you perform a reboot of your computer as well as the Arlo camera to dispose any kind of technical glitches. If possible, you should restart your Base station or SmartHub too. The general steps to reboot an Arlo security camera are given below:

Consider removing the battery of your Arlo camera from its casing.
Wait for about 10-15 seconds.
You are now required to input the battery back into the camera’s casing.

Note: Just in case, you own a wired Arlo camera, you should disconnect its power cord from the wall outlet and plug it back after a gap of a few seconds or minutes.

1. Use the Address Bar to Access Arlo URL

The very first thing we recommend doing is to use the address bar of the web browser to log in to your Arlo product. You might have forgotten the fact that no web URL or IP address can be accessed using the search box of the web browser. Therefore, you should be very careful about the location thing while inputting the web URL of your Arlo camera/doorbell/base station.

2. Connect to a Stable Internet Connection

All the Arlo cameras and devices connect to the 2.4GHz frequency. It means you are supposed to connect your computer or laptop to the same frequency band in order to manage the Arlo device. Therefore, you are suggested to do the same. However, you must be very specific about using the PC/laptop in the area where the WiFi signal strength is strong. You can go for a wired connection in case you are still getting problems.

3. Temporarily Disable Firewalls

It has already been told that firewalls and antivirus programs installed on your PC can be major troublemakers when it comes to accessing the login URL and reaching the Arlo Essential Spotlight camera setup wizard. We are not asking you disable them permanently, but, you can do it temporarily till the time you are managing your Arlo product. After that, you can re-enable them.

The Concluding Thought

That is all about what to do if is not working for you. It is now anticipated that you will be able to reach the web GUI of the Arlo product you own after taking the help of the given troubleshooting techniques. You are also recommended to disable ad-blockers to easily access the Arlo login address.

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