Kerala: Thrissur Overseas Study Experts Guide to Study in US

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Every year many students dream of studying in the US. However, to convert dreams into reality and study in US, students of Kerala take several tough steps. The study abroad consultants in Thrissur help the learners understand the eligibility, visa requirements and other things. So, this article will focus on the studying in US and what are the cheapest colleges available there. The next section explains why the USA is a dream land for students.

Why Study in the USA?

The USA is one of the fastest moving nations in the globe. There are many benefits of studying in such a dynamic environment. For many students, this is a life changing experience. This could be because of various reasons. Firstly, it is home to some of the best institutes that offer diverse study courses. Moreover, they also provide very good research and career growth possibilities. Indian students especially from Thrissur, Kerala find it a suitable option because there are no language hurdles.

In addition to all these, the US is a multi cultural country which gives chances for personal growth and development. After finding so many benefits, students naturally get attracted to study and live in the States. There they get access to many world class resources and networking options which further adds to the list of reasons. Moving on, let’s look at some of the colleges with an affordable fee structure and yet the best learning options.

Cheapest Colleges to Study in the US

Tuition fee is a major component and influences the whole journey. It is important to look for good colleges in terms of money, education and other career opportunities. Below are some of the institutes in the USA that are affordable and provide quality education.

California State University

CSU is a public institute that offers diverse UG, PG and diploma courses. It is one of the most cost effective colleges in America. For UG courses, the average tuition fee for foreign students is 17,000 $. However, in the case of a master’s degree, the fee is close to 13,000$. The study abroad consultants in Thrissur guide students to consider this institute because despite being cheap, the quality of learning is second to none.

University of Wisconsin

Wisconsin University is the oldest institute in the city of Wisconsin, USA. The students of Kerala especially target this because of its top research facilities. There are many choices for students in terms of disciplines such as science, business, technology, arts and social sciences. The average fee for UG courses is close to 40,000 to 50,000 $. On the other hand, the PG average course fee is 25,000 $.

Brigham Young University

A private institute for studying in Utah in the states, BYU is a feasible option for studying in the US. It was founded in the year 1875. They are well known for their language courses and are by far the most cost friendly college to study in US. The average cost of tuition is close to 15,000 to 25,000 $.

Brooklyn College

Brooklyn College is located in New York City in the USA. Despite being on the list of most affordable colleges in the whole country, the facilities provided by them are top-notch. There is a total of 175 programs in all categories such as UG, PG and across domains. The average course fee for out of state students is 15,390 $. The tuition fee for master study programs is 18,000 US dollars.

Southeast Missouri State University

Founded in the year 1873, SMSU is a publicly funded institute to study in US. It offers more than 100 UG and PG programs. They have learning options like medicine, business, fine arts, IT and many others. It is well known for maintaining the quality of education even after providing such affordable study programs. The average tuition fee for a UG course is 14,000 to 15,000 US dollars. Similarly, foreign students are expected to pay $12,645 for studying PG level courses.

So, these are some of the college options for students who are searching for affordable study in US options. The next section will shed some light on how the study abroad consultants make everything easy for the aspirants.

Role of Study Abroad Consultants in the Overseas Journey

With every dream, there come a lot of road blocks and difficulties. Similarly, in the overseas study journey of Kerala aspirants, there are many complexities. That is exactly where the study abroad consultants in Thrissur step up. They offer detailed guidance to the students at each and every step.

Starting right from the profile assessment to post arrival support, consultants like assist in every way. Some of the most important tasks that an expert will do for the students are-

  1. Help in selecting course and college
  2. Assistance in college admission
  3. Visa approval support
  4. Financial aid advice
  5. Guidance to find the right housing
  6. Help in finding part-time work
  7. Pre-departure and post-arrival support
  8. SOP Assistance
  9. Help with paper work
  10. Language test preparation

These are just some of the steps when the Kerala education consultants come in handy. They bring in their expertise and insights to make the whole journey easy. Due to their experience, the chances of admission and visa approval of the students increase significantly. Moreover, they can also avail of scholarships or loans.


At the time of wrapping up, it can be concluded that study abroad is indeed a difficult one. Kerala education consultants guide the students through the entire process. They help in test prep, visa assistance and financial aid. In the case of US visas for students, they often assist with the requirement related to paper work, and interview prep. The expert’s help can be beneficial as it helps in understanding in types of visas and obtaining them easily.

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