You can do fitness movements at home regularly

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However, exercising at a fitness center definitely requires you to spend more time, and of course the costs are quite high. So, if you are one of those people who doesn’t have enough time to go to the gym, don’t worry. You can try implementing more than one fitness movement yourself at home , you know. Come on, follow the next tips and find out what fitness movements you can do at home!

1. Lift the Load

One of the typical gym movements that you can do at home is lifting weights. You only need to have one or two barbells or dumbbells at home and you can do the movements. Of course, you have to adjust the weight of the load to your desired exercise goals.

2. High Knee Running in Place

High knee running in place, aka running in place, can be done instead of the treadmill. Do this movement by running in place while lifting your knees until you reach a certain position. It’s best to make sure your knees are parallel to your hips during this movement. To achieve maximum results, avoid forcing yourself to do it.

3. Plank

One of the fitness movements that is now popular and widely practiced is the plank. This movement is a balance training model that is carried out by focusing the body’s abilities in the middle part. Doing planks can help train the muscles of the arms, shoulders, stomach and thighs.

If you want toned abdominal muscles, planks are the best choice. The way to do this is in a position facing the floor. Then place your elbows on the floor as if you were going to do push-ups. The difference is, you don’t have to do up and down movements, just maintain the next position for more than one second to a minuteĀ 

4. Squat Jump

For those of you who want to tighten and shape your leg muscles, don’t miss this exercise model. Squat jump is a type of sport that aims to train leg abilities. To do this, start with your body standing straight, and place slot both hands on the back of your head. Then, squat and jump to return to the original position. Repeat the next movement in more than one set. There is more than one step to do this. First, assume a prone position with your hands in each position of your body. Second, push your body from top to bottom using the strength of your hands. In this movement, try to keep your legs and body straight and in a firm condition. Third, lower your body while always maintaining the position. Do this step repeatedly.

5. Step-up

If there are no stairs or equipment that can support this exercise, you can use a chair. Step-ups are also a good form of exercise to build leg muscles. Usually, this movement is carried out by going up and down stairs.

To do step-ups at home, provide a chair and then do the up and down movement. Make sure the chair or object used is strong enough to support the body. Do this movement quickly to maximize fat burning.

6. Tricep Dip

Still using a chair, you can also do this useful exercise for the tricep muscles. Stand with your back to the chair, then place both hands on the chair. Then try to move up and down to the next position more than once.

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