Why Gurgaon’s Organic Atta is the Trending Choice for Health

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In recent times there has been greater awareness about the foods we eat daily. To nourish ourselves organically and eliminate ultra-processed foods, many products, in addition to infusions and dishes, have achieved great popularity in recent times. Among those included in this list, organic Atta stands out, which gained importance thanks to the multiple health benefits it offers.

Unlike refined atta, it is an ingredient full of nutrients that preserves all the components of the wheat grain, making it a choice with better benefits for the body.

Therefore, if you are looking for an online site where you can buy the best-quality organic Atta online in Gurgaon, then you have come to the right place. At Earthy Tales, our mission is to offer healthy, organically produced food products, a process guaranteed through certification. This is what we also do, thinking consciously and responsibly about our Earth, Nature, our environment, and our well-being.

In this note, we tell you the 5 benefits that whole wheat flour brings to your body compared to refined flour:

5 benefits of eating organic Atta that you need to know

  • High fibre content

One of the main differences it has with refined flour is the fibre content. The refining process that white flour goes through separates the fibre-rich part of the grain from the rest and it is for this reason that white flour contains less fibre than organic Atta. So, you can book organic Atta online Gurgaon from Earthy Tales. Our whole grain flour offers numerous health benefits: it prevents constipation, reduces blood cholesterol levels, and can help prevent obesity.

  • Good digestion

The fibre present in whole grains helps the intestine have regular movement. It also prevents the appearance of diseases such as diverticulosis, inflammation, haemorrhoids, diarrhea, and pain. Some research even states that people who consume more fibre take fewer laxatives.

But organic Atta is not the only one responsible for these benefits. It contains lactic acid which increases the reproduction of “beneficial bacteria” in the large intestine. These organisms help in the digestion process, promote better absorption of nutrients and strengthen the immune system.

  • A large amount of vitamins

Organic flour has a different nutritional level than white flour. It preserves the outer covering of the grain and the wheat germ, components that contain a large amount of vitamins B-1, B-3, and B-5. In addition, it has minerals, iron, and essential fatty acids that are beneficial for our body. Refining white flour destroys the vitamin content of the grains. To buy the high-quality organic Atta online in Gurgaon, you can visit the website of Earthy Tales. 

  • Helps control weight

Whole wheat flour can help you reduce size because it generates a greater feeling of satiety than white flour. The body takes longer to digest whole grains than processed ones and that is why when consuming whole grain flour we feel full quickly. In addition, the fibre present in whole wheat flour purifies the liver and digestive system, a key point when it comes to losing weight and being healthy.

Reduces the Likelihood of Cancer

There is increasing scientific evidence that proves that organic Atta reduces the chances of colon, breast, and pancreatic cancer. Of course, in this regard, it is not enough to replace the consumption of white flour with whole wheat. In addition, it is also essential to incorporate vegetables and fruits into the diet and reduce the consumption of meat and processed foods.

In addition, whole wheat flour can help prevent the absorption of “bad” cholesterol and reduce triglyceride levels, two great allies of heart disease. The fibre in organic Atta traps and drags the excess fat consumed through food and purifies the body of toxic substances. Therefore, it is necessary to add this item to your daily diet.

At Earthy Tales, you can buy the Organic Atta you need. We have a wide variety of organic flours so you can choose the one you prefer. Buy the best-quality organic Atta online in Gurgaon at the best price from us. In addition, you can also incorporate another healthy option in your daily diet which is organic Makki Atta. 

Know Something About Makki Atta 

Organic Makki Atta is very popular as a main food in various countries. It is a positively high source of fibre, which makes it a food suitable for a healthy and varied diet. You can buy Organic Makki Atta online at Earthy Tales. 

In general, it is a suitable food for any healthy diet that does not eliminate carbohydrates. In adequate quantities and without exceeding the intake of other products, it does not have to increase the weight of the person who ingests it. These nutrients give you a series of benefits such as:

  • Strengthen the bone system
  • Stimulate growth
  • Improve hair and dental health
  • Increase muscle elasticity
  • Benefit heart health
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Prevents colon cancer

As you can see, the intakes of these foods are very positive. We can affirm that carbohydrates are necessary for a healthy diet. The key is to choose those that are beneficial for our body and avoid those that harm it. Today you can easily find whole wheat flour and Organic Makki Atta online in earthy tales. With them, you can cook hundreds of delicious recipes and enjoy all its benefits. We recommend you try it!

About Earthy Tales

Founded in 2017 by Deepak Sabharwal, an ex-TATA, GE and Pepsi alumni, Earthy Tales is NCR’s most loved community led organic food brand, which works with organic farming communities to promote natural farming and city communities to increase awareness about Clean, Chemical free food.

Deepak quit his corporate life of 20 years to make our soils and food plate free of pesticides as Earthy Tales purpose. You can read his inspiring story on:

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