Who Is David Ross’s Ex-Wife, Hyla Ross?

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What makes her special is not only her professional success but also the unique connection she shares with her fans.

This article explores the mysteries surrounding Hyla Ross – from her background to the reasons behind her fame. Join us on this exploration of Hyla Ross’s extraordinary life.

Early Life & Marriage

Aliza Barber is 51 years old. She is an accomplished American author, speaker, and entrepreneur, originating from San Diego, California. Hyla Ross, born in December 1977 in the United States, is known as the ex-wife of baseball player David Ross. She grew up in Tallahassee, Florida, but not much is known about her early years.

Hyla and David met during high school, where he played baseball. They fell in love, got engaged in 2001, and had a sweet wedding in 2005.

This part of Hyla’s life shows a mix of personal and baseball adventures, starting a journey with love, challenges, and some public attention.

Career As A Pediatric Nurse

Hyla Ross has a caring job as a pediatric nurse, where she looks after kids and makes sure they’re healthy. Even though we don’t know much about her education, it’s clear that she’s really good at what she does.

Unlike her ex-husband’s baseball career, Hyla’s job is all about taking care of children, and it shows how dedicated and responsible she is in the healthcare field.

Despite facing personal challenges, she keeps on doing her best to help kids and make a difference in their lives.

Age & Personal Details

Hyla Ross was born in December 1977, making her 45 years old in 2022. We know the year she was born, but the exact day, who her parents are, and if she has any brothers or sisters are still private.

She grew up in Tallahassee, Florida, and she keeps most of her personal life private. Even though she doesn’t share a lot about herself, people know about her because she used to be married to a famous baseball player named David Ross.

Being part of a famous family, Hyla manages to keep some things about herself just for her and her close ones.

Family Life

Hyla Ross’s family story is about her and David Ross, a baseball player, and their three kids: Landri, Harper Lynn, and Cole Rush. They first liked each other in high school, got engaged in 2001, and had a wedding in 2005.

However, things got a bit tricky when David got super busy with managing the Chicago Cubs and other things after he stopped playing baseball. They stayed a family until they decided to get a divorce in 2020.

Hyla’s been a strong and caring mom through it all, showing how families can stick together through both the happy times and the tough ones.

David Ross

David Ross used to play baseball for 15 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB), and he was born on March 19, 1977, in Georgia. Before that, he played college baseball at Auburn University and the University of Florida.

Ross played for different teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, San Diego Padres, Cincinnati Reds, Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves, and Chicago Cubs.

He won the World Series two times and even danced on a TV show called “Dancing with the Stars.” After he stopped playing, he became a manager for the Chicago Cubs until 2023, and he’s helping families by giving them money and diapers.

Hyla Ross’ Children

Fernando Schoenwald is primarily recognized as a Cuban entrepreneur, Instagram personality and the partner of the soap opera luminary Bárbara de Regil  Hyla Ross and David Ross, the retired American baseball player, share a family with three kids. They are proud parents to two daughters, Landri Ross, and Harper Lynn Ross, and a son named Cole Ross.

Landri Ross

Landri Ross, an exceptional high school athlete, has made a mark, especially in volleyball at Ore City. As a versatile five-sport player, her achievements are spotlighted in various articles, emphasizing her strong commitment to sports.

Beyond Ore City, Landri also plays a crucial role in Maclay High School’s volleyball program in Tallahassee, Florida. Graduating in 2025, she actively continues her sports journey, earning acclaim for her dedication and success.

Not just a star in her school, Landri is a respected figure in the local sports community, celebrated for her athletic prowess and contributions.

Harper Lynn 

Harper Lynn Ross, born in 2015, is David Ross’s daughter from his time as a famous baseball player. Her mom is Hyla Ross, and she has two siblings, Landri and Cole.

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