Which country has the best yellow sapphire?

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Yellow sapphires are called Pukhraj in Hindi, and they are such a famous gemstone globally. People have been in love with this stone for generations. They have a rich history and due to the properties which it has made people to buy it. It is indeed a life-changing gemstone. Its bright color can steal anyone’s heart. It’s very important to know about its origin and from where it has come. Let’s go on a worldwide adventure to try to find the heart of Ceylon’s yellow sapphire.

Sri Lanka: The Island of Jewels

Excellent quality and rich history: Since long ago, Sri Lanka has been one of the largest producers of gems. That is why it is called the “Island of Jewels.” Kit has produced so many beautiful jewels till now. Sri Lankan ceylon yellow sapphir, also called Ceylon sapphires, is famous globally due to its bright look and clear cuts.


  • Exceptional Clarity: Very clear sapphires are very expensive in the jewellery business because they are hard to find and look nice.
  • Durability: Because they are so strong and durable, ceylon sapphires are thought to be lasting gifts.
  • Realistic Colour: Sri Lankan yellow sapphire gemstones have a rich golden-yellow colour that sometimes gives a tint of orange.

Notable Mines

Ratnapura is the name of the city that is full of gems; it is known as the “City of Gems” and is Sri Lanka’s most famous mining area. Since long ago, the world has been getting beautiful natural yellow sapphire from this area.


Madagascar: A New Rival

Emerging Excellence: For the last few decades, Madagascar has been the other famous name in the gemstone business. This island produces high-quality original pukhraj stone. Due to the abundance of gemstones, prices remain low, but the quality of the sapphires is unbeatable.



  • Bright and Clean: Even though Sri Lankan sapphires can sometimes have a stronger colour, the gems from Madagascar stand out because they are so clear and bright.
  • Variety: These sapphires come in a wide range of yellow shades, which range from light canary to bright canary.
  • Affordability: Price of yellow sapphires from Madagascar are often less expensive than those from Sri Lanka as they are rare in nature.

Notable Mines

A major source of high-quality ceylon yellow sapphire can be found in the village of Ilakaka in Madagascar. In the past few years, the town has become a major centre for mining gemstones.

Thailand: A Centre for Business

Skilled Craftsmen: Thailand is the best place to be known for both the mining of gemstones and the processes of cutting and polishing them. Thai yellow sapphires are in demand due to their stunning beauty and amazing craftsmanship.


  • Expert Cutting: Thailand is famous for having the best cutting and polishing skills, which make yellow sapphires shine and sparkle like no other.
  • Consistency: The quality of Thai sapphires stays the same even after so many years, which makes them reliable.
  • Golden Hue: What people want most about ceylon yellow sapphires is their deep gold color in Thai yellow sapphires.

 Notable Mines

Although Thailand’s mines aren’t as big as those in Madagascar and Sri Lanka, the country’s gemstone industry is one of the biggest in the world. They produce very valuable sapphires that have been carefully polished by Thai craftsmen.

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Australia: The Unsung Hero

Unique and Diverse: Australia doesn’t come to mind whenever there’s a discussion of yellow sapphires. However, the country does have some beautiful and rare gems. It is well known that Australian sapphires have some strange qualities.


  • Unique Beauty: Between pale yellow and yellowish-green, the color spectrum of Australian yellow sapphires is very wide and varied.
  • Rugged Beauty: These sapphires’ rough beauty comes from the natural inclusions that give them a rugged appeal.
  • Sustainable Mining: Australia is known for its ethical and environmentally friendly mining methods, which are also used to get its sapphires.


Notable Mines

Most of the yellow sapphires found in Australia are found in the sapphire deposits in Queensland and New South Wales. Gemstones from this country are known for being unique and being obtained in an honest way.


The country that has the best golden sapphire will depend on your top priorities. Ceylon sapphires, which are mined in Sri Lanka, are the clearest and brightest gemstones in the world. While ethically sourced sapphires from Australia have their special quality, those from Thailand stand out because of how beautifully they are made. To know more about any stone, you can visit the Navratan online gemstone bazaar.

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