What Are The Pros And Cons Of Attending A Montessori School?

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Most parents prefer choosing the Montessori schools for their children, considering their vision for a child’s future. These schools work for the overall personality development of every child. Moreover, they take learning beyond the four walls of a classroom. They plan different activities that are interesting and highly engaging for children, and the best part is that these activities teach them the most challenging concepts with utmost convenience. 

There are multiple advantages to choosing a Tokyo Montessori school. However, as every coin has two sides, there are a few cons to selecting this learning practice. Therefore, it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of all the pros and cons to make a fair decision while choosing the best Tokyo school and giving the right direction to your child’s educational journey. 

Pros and Cons of attending a Montessori School

Let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages in detail to know if Montessori is the right choice. 

Pros of Montessori School

Fun Learning

Montessori is a fun and engaging learning method that takes away all the stress of studies and teaches the best concepts conveniently. As a result, your child will not throw tantrums while going to school. Moreover, they will be excited every day! 

Motivational Environment

The environment at a Tokyo school following the Montessori program offers a highly motivating environment. They encourage children to explore every aspect of learning, whether sports, academics, fine arts, skill-building or anything that interests them. So, your child gets the opportunity to try their hands on multiple things before deciding what they want to pursue as their career. 

Sense of Independence

The Montessori program emphasizes infusing skills like self-reliance and decision-making in children. They put children in situations through different activities where they need to make trivial decisions for themselves. With these activities, children become more independent and start trusting their decisions. As a result, it helps them sail through the schooling period and in their professional careers. 

No Homework

Montessori learning is beyond the four walls of the classroom and the textbooks that the traditional schools follow. Learning happens through different activities, so there is no point in giving tiring home assignments. Instead, it takes the burden of completing homework off the parent’s shoulders and gives children enough time to play and relax after school. 

There are multiple other advantages that you can expect to get from a Montessori learning program. Let us move further and discuss the cons that you might experience. 

Cons of Montessori School

Freedom can be bad

Freedom is something that one needs to use responsibly. The idea behind not binding children to classroom training is to let children grow and not feel stressed about academics. However, children can use it to avoid studying, eventually affecting their academic results. It is something that you can face at any Tokyo Montessori School.

Higher Fee

The amenities and facilities that the Montessori schools offer come at a price! So, you may have to pay a tuition fee higher than what the traditional schools may charge. However, if you do the cost-benefit analysis, the price is worth the services or the quality you get.

These are a few disadvantages you might experience if you choose a Montessori school for your child. However, these are the things that you can manage. Make sure you pay some attention to your child’s activities and actions. If you feel they may be taking advantage of their freedom, work with their teachers to correct that pattern. As far as the fee is concerned, it is worth paying a little more to give quality education to your child. 



These are the pros and cons of choosing a Montessori school that every parent should know before making an education-related decision for their child. Keep this information in mind and research to find the best Montessori school. Then, enrol your child there, and rest assured that their future is safe and productive.

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