Wall Cladding Combination Ideas for Your Home’s Exterior

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The design of exterior wall cladding has changed significantly in the last ten years. Brick was once thought of as a fundamental construction element, but more recently, it has evolved into a creative designer’s colour pallet with the help of natural stones. There are many different stones that can be used for exterior cladding. So, it can be challenging—though extremely enjoyable—for architects or homeowners to select the right material for their upcoming design project. We hope to give you various cladding design ideas from which you can take inspiration.  

What Is Wall Cladding? 

The outermost layer that is placed on a building’s exterior, cladding, serves as both ornamental and protective covering. Consider it the outerwear equivalent of a winter coat for the outside design; not only does it offer protection from the elements, but it also looks good. Wall claddings come in different styles, like dry stone or stack stone, which offer a variety of textures and finishes to improve look and longevity.  

  • Black & Natural Wood Siding with Stack Stone Wall Cladding  

The wood siding looks good in comparison to other natural materials, such as wall cladding. This eye-catching modern design blends natural pine wood siding with stack stone cladding. The pine portion located near the middle of the house grabs the eye and highlights the unique architecture and crisp lines with a touch of warmth. With a hint of roughness for further contrast, the cladding beside the entry serves as an anchor for the design. 

  • White Shake Siding, Painted Brick and Wall Cladding Stones  

Warm white hues and natural materials are perfect for contemporary farmhouses. As a homeowner, you can ask your landscaper or builder to go for a creamy white colour for both the brick and the cladding on this façade. This combination of materials creates an interesting textural contrast. For a cosy and welcoming aesthetic, you can also go with the natural stone walling that was already on the house and add wood porch columns to match it. 

  • Indiana Limestone Mixed and Matched With Stucco & Brick 

There are homeowners who desire to adopt a muted colour scheme without sacrificing depth. We suggest going for a complex and dynamic paint colour. Different materials for external wall cladding can be employed to create visual distinctions. To make the room stand out, you can add wood lintels above the windows and cover the doorway and middle with Limestone veneer. Stucco is used to depict the façade’s left and right parts. Brick moves up the chimney and along the bottom of those portions.  

  • White Siding with Wood & Wall Cladding Panels 

One of the most sublime colour schemes for exterior wall cladding is white. Colours can range from vibrant to muted, and they complement both classic and modern house styles. Again, you can use wood siding and natural stone cladding panels to complement the massive white siding panels on its façade, giving it an industrial feel. Siding panels and natural materials work together to create a clean, contemporary look. 

  • Red Cladding & Dark Greige Siding 

You can ask your designers to change the bricks to some red colour stack stone cladding to give any Cape Cod-style home a more striking architectural element. Although the majority of the home is made of red brick, this would give your exterior space an edge over others in your neighbourhood.  

  • Gray Siding & Stack Stone Wall Cladding  

A home can be renovated into something extravagant with white trim and grey sliding to provide a sleek look. You can use creamy white double doors and highlight the peak with wood panels and a hung lamp to anchor the design and give the doorway a little warmth. To give the design additional texture, you can use stack stone cladding for the garage and the foyer.  

  • Gray Siding Along with Metallic Panels  

While some alternatives for external wall cladding are simple, others are more unique. On the upper and right portions of this modern design, you can go for the trending fibre cement panel technology. The metallic treatment applied to the panels creates an illusion of aluminium that is less expensive than actual aluminium. We utilised Ipe siding around the door and grey stucco on the garage and crowning balcony to create depth. 

Can We Use Wall Cladding Indoors?  

Interior cladding serves the same protective purpose for the interior walls of business buildings as external cladding. Interior wall cladding materials are versatile and cater to individual preferences in terms of colour, style, and design. Premium cladding has a high impact strength, is scratch and abrasion-resistant, and is aesthetically pleasing. You need to have a concept in mind before looking for high-quality interior wall cladding materials so that you can select a design that best complements the interior décor of the business space you want to alter. 


Adding different types of wall cladding to your home’s exterior may change its appearance while providing protection and style. Examine these suggestions to bring out the distinctive architecture and style of your house. One of Australia’s leading suppliers, Stone Depot, offers high-quality stone cladding choices, such as dry or stack stone, at wholesale prices. 


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