Top Wedding Photo Booth Trends to Watch in Sydney this 2024

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Weddings are evolving, and so are the ways we capture and cherish those precious moments. In Sydney, wedding photo booths have become an essential part of the celebration, offering a unique blend of fun and sophistication. As we move into 2024, several exciting trends are set to take the wedding photo booth scene by storm. If you’re planning a wedding and considering wedding photo booth hire in Sydney, here are the top trends to watch this year.

1. Open-Air Photo Booths

Open Air Photo Booths are gaining popularity for their versatility and ability to accommodate larger groups. Unlike traditional enclosed booths, these setups allow more people to fit into a single shot, making them perfect for group photos. With customizable backdrops and an open space, guests can get creative and enjoy a more interactive experience.

2. 360-Degree Spin Booths

One of the most innovative trends for 2024 is the 360-degree spin booth. This type of booth captures dynamic videos from all angles, creating a stunning and immersive experience. Guests can step onto a platform and be filmed in a 360-degree view, resulting in eye-catching videos that can be instantly shared on social media.

3. GIF Photo Booths

GIF Photo Booths continue to be a hit, offering a playful twist on traditional photo booths. These booths capture a series of photos in quick succession, creating fun and animated GIFs. The immediacy of sharing these GIFs online makes them a popular choice for tech-savvy couples looking to add a modern touch to their wedding.

4. Personalized Backdrops

Customization is key in 2024, with personalized backdrops taking center stage. Couples are opting for bespoke designs that reflect their personalities and wedding themes. From elegant floral patterns to custom monograms and branded elements, these unique backdrops make every photo extra special.

5. Digital Props and Augmented Reality

Digital props and augmented reality (AR) are transforming the photo booth experience. With AR technology, guests can interact with virtual props and backgrounds, adding a futuristic and fun element to their photos. This trend not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides endless entertainment.

6. Social Media Integration

In today’s digital age, instant sharing is a must. Photo booths with built-in social media integration allow guests to upload their photos and videos directly to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This trend ensures that the excitement of your wedding reaches a wider audience in real-time.

7. High-Quality Prints and Keepsakes

While digital sharing is important, high-quality prints remain a cherished keepsake. Many photo booth providers in Sydney are offering premium printing options, including customizable photo strips and elegant photo books. These tangible memories provide a beautiful reminder of your special day.

8. Green Screen Technology

Green screen technology is another trend making waves in 2024. This technology allows guests to choose from a variety of backgrounds, from exotic locations to fantasy worlds. The versatility of green screen technology ensures that each photo is unique and memorable.

9. Custom Photo Templates

Custom photo templates add a personal touch to every shot. Couples can design templates that include their names, wedding date, and a special message. This customization ensures that each photo strip is a unique memento for guests to take home.

10. Video Booths

Video booths are becoming increasingly popular, offering guests the opportunity to leave heartfelt messages for the newlyweds. These short video clips can be compiled into a beautiful montage, providing a sentimental keepsake that captures the emotions of the day.

11. Interactive Guest Books

Interactive guest books are a creative way to incorporate photo booth prints. Guests can add their photo strips to the guest book along with personal messages. This interactive element makes the guest book a cherished keepsake filled with fun and heartfelt notes.

12. Minimalist Aesthetics

Simplicity is in vogue, with many couples opting for minimalist photo booth designs. Clean lines, neutral colors, and elegant setups create a sophisticated and timeless look that complements any wedding theme.

13. Eco-Friendly Options

Sustainability is a growing concern, and eco-friendly photo booths are on the rise. Providers are offering options like digital-only booths, recyclable props, and sustainable printing materials. These choices allow couples to reduce their environmental footprint while still enjoying the photo booth experience.

14. Themed Props

Props are an essential part of the photo booth fun. In 2024, themed props are taking center stage, with options ranging from vintage accessories to tropical elements. Personalized props that match the wedding theme add an extra layer of enjoyment for guests.

15. Glam Filters and Effects

Inspired by social media trends, glam filters and effects are now available in wedding photo booths. These filters enhance photos with a touch of glamour, offering options like soft focus, black and white, and retro vibes.

16. Instant Photo Sharing Stations

Instant photo sharing stations are a hit at weddings, allowing guests to view and send their photos via email or SMS immediately after taking them. This convenience ensures that everyone can share their memories without delay.

17. Boomerang Booths

Boomerang booths create short, looping videos similar to GIFs but with a distinct boomerang effect. These playful clips capture moments of fun and spontaneity, adding a dynamic element to the photo booth experience.

18. Live Streaming

Live streaming photo booths are perfect for sharing the excitement with friends and family who couldn’t attend. These booths broadcast live video feeds, allowing remote guests to join in the fun and feel like they’re part of the celebration.

19. Multiple Backdrop Options

Offering multiple backdrop options within a single photo booth setup allows guests to choose their favorite scene. This variety keeps the experience fresh and exciting, encouraging guests to return for more photos.

20. Professional Attendants

Having a professional attendant on hand ensures that the photo booth runs smoothly throughout the event. Attendants assist guests, manage the equipment, and ensure that every photo is perfect.


Wedding photo booths are more than just a trend; they are a delightful addition that enhances the joy and excitement of your special day. In Sydney, 2024 promises to bring innovative and creative photo booth trends that cater to every couple’s unique style and preferences. From open-air setups to 360-degree spin booths, the options are endless. Embrace these trends and make your Wedding Photo Booth Hire in Sydney an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of your celebration.

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