Top Questions to Ask Your Auto Body Repair Shop

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Accidents are fatal not only for humans but for vehicles too. Whether it’s a small incident or a serious one, in both cases,  your life is at risk and so is seeing your vehicle being damaged by the collision. So, at this moment you both need a truth-worthy source that can take care of your damage. Here, we are talking about cars, so we will explain why it is important that you find the right shop for collision repair Los Angeles. These shops have experts who handle each case seriously and let you know everything about the damage.

However, do you know which are the best shops for auto collision repair Los Angeles CA? It is not an easy task and you need people who are worth your trust and the money you are going to spend on their services. So, today let’s find out the top questions that you must ask your auto body repair shop in Los Angeles.

List of questions you have to ask the shop for auto collision repair Los Angeles

1.  Can you show me your Certifications and License?

It is a very important question because no matter in which city you are living, you need a license to start your business. In addition, you need proper certifications that showcase your skillset and how capable you are of providing those services. So, when you choose the shop for car body repair Los Angeles, you must ask them for their license and certification so that you have the right people on call. On the other hand, if the shop fails to show you the license or certifications, prefer not to proceed with them.

2.  Do you provide estimates?

To start the work, always request the shop to state the exact costs of the repair in advance. This should consist of labor expenses, parts, materials, and any other fees. A respected shop will furnish a realistic and itemized estimate to make you aware of the repairs to be done and the costs of the same.

3. What is the procedure to which you subscribe when it comes to fixing the issues?

You need to know the repair procedure and what to expect while your car is in the shop. Enquire from the repair shop for a detailed description of their repair process which includes how they assess the damage, sourcing of the replacement parts, and the repairing procedures. Grasping the process, you will be able to feel at ease and self-assured in the shop’s abilities.

4. Can you show me the customer testimonials or the customer’s feedback?

Check out if the chosen repair shop can give you references or customer feedback from previous clients. The information on reviews and testimonials will enable you to find out the shop’s reputation, customer service, and quality of work. Besides that, you can inquire from your friends, family, or colleagues for advice on the matters you are supposed to settle, based on their personal experiences.

5.  What is the warranty for the proposed offers?

There is no doubt that if you hire the services of an auto body shop in Los Angeles, they must guarantee their work and justify their quality by offering a warranty on their repair services. If they are not discussing it with you, you must ask them and know what are the terms that cover the warranty section. On the other hand, if the shop denies warranty or does not provide any guarantee on their work, it’s better that you end the discussion.

6.  Do you accept the insurance policies?

While buying a vehicle, we spend a lot of money especially when you plan to buy a luxury vehicle. So, in that case, buying an insurance policy is mandatory because even a small fix will cost you a lot more than you may have thought. So, it’s better that you ask the best auto collision repair Los Angeles CA about it and know whether they will accept the insurance coverage or not.

7. How much time will it take to fix the issue?

Time is important and you must know the estimated time the shop for auto body repair Los Angeles CA will take to repair the vehicle. These people are experts at this job and they know exactly how much time it is going to take so there will be no issue in communicating the same to their clients.


The selection of the correct auto body repair shop is the main thing in doing quality repairs and having the best experience. Through the questions about the certifications, estimates, repair process, parts, warranty, references, repair timeline, and insurance, you can be sure that you have chosen the right repair shop and hence not be in any doubt about the repair service you are going to receive. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get your doubts cleared to be sure the selected repair shop is able to serve you and make you peaceful because your car is in good condition after the repair.

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