Open Transport Car Shipping: The Safest Way To Ship Your Car

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When shipping a car, selecting the proper technique is the highest priority. Open transport is widely accepted as a popular and affordable method for relocating your vehicle to a new location.

This comprehensive guide provides complete details about open transport car shipping, explaining why it is an effective option, how it operates, and what you may expect during the process.

What is Open Transport Car Shipping?

Cars are commonly shipped on open trailers. These trailers are usually designed with two levels and can transport multiple vehicles simultaneously, typically accepting anywhere from six to ten cars. This technique is widely used in the car shipping industry because of its effectiveness and savings.

Benefits of Open Transport Car Shipping

car shipping with open carriers


One of the primary elements that attracts individuals to open car shipping is its low price. Because several vehicles are shipped simultaneously, the cost per car decreases significantly compared to enclosed transport alternatives.


Car transportation through an open method is commonly utilized and easily accessible. Many car transport companies provide this service, guaranteeing a greater variety of accessibility and a flexible schedule.

Faster Shipping Times

With the rising popularity of open transport, the variety of carriers on the road has increased. As a result, shipping times have risen considerably compared to other techniques.

Safety and Reliability

Although cars shipped via open trailers are vulnerable to these aspects, they are safely fastened and managed by qualified workers, guaranteeing a safe journey from start to finish.

The process of car shipping with open carriers

Requesting a Quote

One of the first tasks is to get a quote from a widely recognized car shipping company. Many companies provide easy online quote tools that enable you to provide information about your vehicle and choose transport dates to receive a price estimate.

Scheduling the Service

After you have chosen a transport company and received a quote, you can proceed with scheduling the service. You must provide extensive details about your car and possibly the pickup and delivery places.

Vehicle Inspection

When loading your vehicle onto the trailer, an extensive assessment is performed to document its current condition carefully. This review is necessary for insurance as it guarantees that any existing harm is correctly observed.

Loading the Vehicle

Your car is carefully loaded onto the open trailer alongside other cars with great care. Highly Experienced drivers ensure that every vehicle is adequately secured to avoid moving during transportation.


The carrier then begins the trip to the location. During the journey, you can effortlessly monitor the shipment’s progress and receive regular updates regarding the anticipated delivery date.

Delivery and Inspection

Upon arrival, an extensive examination confirms that your car has been delivered in its original condition. Once the delivery is finished, you must offer your approval to finalize the procedure.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Open Transport

Weather Exposure

Although cars are adequately secured on open trailers, they are still exposed to environmental factors. Your vehicle may be exposed to rain, dust, and other ecological variables during transportation. However, the level of exposure is generally insignificant and rarely results in harm.

Insurance Coverage

Ensure the shipping company provides insurance protection for your car while it’s being shipped. It is essential to guarantee that the coverage offered by reputable companies is checked thoroughly and that the extent of the safeguards provided is evident.

Type of Vehicle

Enclosed transport is strongly advised for those who own luxury, antique, or exotic cars to ensure maximum safety during transportation. While open transport is sufficient for most regular cars, the added security of enclosed transport is worth considering for these unique vehicles.

Distance and Timing

Consider the distance of the delivery and the estimated time of delivery. Open transport can often be more efficient and affordable for long-distance moves. Maintain that availability and pricing may be impacted during peak seasons, so it’s essential to plan correctly.

Tips for a Simple Open Car Shipping Experience

Research Transport Companies

It is essential to take some time to research and compare multiple vehicle shipping companies carefully. Check past customer feedback to assess the service’s dependability and excellence.

Get Your Vehicle Ready

Ensure your vehicle is properly washed before the pre-shipment inspection to ensure any existing harm is readily apparent. Eliminate personal belongings and turn off security systems to avoid delays during transportation.

Confirm Pickup and Delivery Details

It’s essential to verify the pickup and delivery addresses closely and ensure that someone is present at both places to facilitate the handover and receipt of the car.

Stay Informed

Contact the transport company during the shipping process. Consistent updates provide reassurance and inform you about your vehicle’s journey status.

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