Know the Best Study Abroad Experts in Chennai- 2024

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Many students from the city of Chennai plan to study in countries such as the UK, US, Canada, Australia and others. To study abroad, students need guidance at the difficult steps such as college selection, financial assistance and visa approval. So, the education consultants in Chennai come in to make the journey easier for them. They provide all the help that the student might need. In the next section, we will look at how the consultants make the students’ experience worthwhile.

Role of Overseas Consultants

The study abroad experts act as a means for the students to seek information and guidance on various aspects of the process. They start right by accessing the profile, which will help them choose the best study course. After this, the trainers move forward with the admission application. Thereafter, the students seek help with the visa, finance, and pre-departure and post-arrival stages. The study abroad consultants help the students navigate through these complexities and fulfil their dreams. In the upcoming part, we’ll discuss about the best study experts of Chennai. Read to know.

Top 5 Study Abroad Consultants in Chennai

Chennai is the most important city of Tamil Nadu. Apart from its natural sites and cultural heritage, it is well known for its high literacy rate. The people of the city are academically inclined, and the majority aspire to gain knowledge from the best universities in the world. To do so, they study abroad at top international institutions.

This leads to the need for education consultants. There are many education experts in the city of Chennai. However, the top 5 are mentioned below.  These experts excel in all the parameters, such as price, services and support, and thus make it to the top 5.

Gradding is among the best education consultants in Chennai and other Indian cities. They provide all the services needed to study in the best institutes in the world. Starting from AI-supported courses and college finders, they provide help until the student finds suitable accommodation there. The trained, experienced, and supportive experts help the scholars fulfil their dreams. They just charge fees for their visa and test prep services. Hence, it makes the best alternative for students.


Canam has 300 offices across the country, and the Chennai office is one of the primary centres. With the help of its 800+ experts, it specialises in helping students pursue education in countries like New Zealand, Canada, and the UK. The trainers at the firm provide one-on-one counselling and doubt-solving sessions. This fastens the scholar’s progress and makes the process easier. They also provide test preparation guidance. So, this makes Canam a good and viable option for students.


With more than five decades of experience in the study abroad sector, IDP has carved a name for itself. This consultancy’s network is wide-ranging, and it provides multiple benefits to students, such as help with university selection. The faculty provides guidance through the use of data and their experience to assist the aspirants at all stages of the journey. It is a trustworthy option for people planning to study abroad.

Leap Scholar

Leap Scholar was founded in 2019. Since then, it has been helping students study in countries like the USA, UK, Canada and many others. Their services include help in getting financial aid, visa approval, SOP assistance and other aspects. Learners can connect with the mentors at the Leap Scholar and begin their journey right away. The prices there are quite affordable in Chennai.

Edwise International

Overall, it is one of the most reliable Education consultants in Chennai. A well-known name in the education overseas market. Its services include counselling and assistance with travel, finances, visas and others. Edwise also provides test preparation help and courses to students. They cover tests such as IELTS, SAT, GMAT, PTE, etc. The consultation service is free of cost. However, they charge a fee for the college application fee, which varies from place to place. Similar to other consultants, they also provide free consultations but charge for the admission process.


Reaching towards the end, it can be concluded that Study Abroad Consultants play an important role. The journey of reaching the desired institute is a tough one. Hence, the help of an expert sets the sails smoothly. In Chennai, the students seek assistance from the experienced trainers of the best consultancy firms. They provide comprehensive guidance on all the associated matters such as visas, admission, SOP, scholarships and others. Some of the best consultants are Gradding, IDP, Canam, Edwise, and others mentioned above.

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