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At the start of each year, motorists across the country receive reminders that their MOT test is due. An MOT test centre Wimborne is a place where trained professionals check that your vehicle meets the minimum legal safety and environmental standards to be driven on public roads. Getting your car’s MOT (Ministry of Transport) test done on time is crucial, but it’s just one part of keeping your vehicle in good condition.

Why Bother With Car Maintenance?

You might think spending money on services and repairs is an unnecessary expense, especially if your car seems to be running fine. However, ignoring maintenance can lead to much higher costs down the line when components fail unexpectedly.

Regular car servicing Wimborne is also extremely important. A service involves a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of your car by qualified mechanics. During service, many different components are checked, adjusted, repaired, or replaced to ensure your vehicle runs efficiently and safely.

Poorly maintained vehicles are also less fuel-efficient, worse for the environment, and could put you and other road users at risk through faulty brakes, tyres, lights, and other issues. Having your car regularly checked picks up small problems before they become major ones.

The Benefits of Servicing

When you take your car in for a service, the mechanics will carry out dozens of checks specified by the manufacturer for the age and mileage of your vehicle. This thorough inspection looks for any developing issues with key systems like:

  • Engine – The old engine oil is drained out and replaced with fresh, new oil to keep the engine properly lubricated. The oil filter is also removed and a brand-new filter is installed. All the belts that drive components like the alternator and water pump are visually inspected for any signs of cracking, fraying, or damage and replaced if needed. The rubber hoses that carry coolant and other fluids are also checked over for any leaks, bulges, or deterioration and swapped out if they look worn.
  • Brakes – The brake pads that press against the discs to slow the car are carefully examined to measure their remaining thickness. If they are too worn down, they are replaced with new pads. The brake discs themselves are also inspected for any scoring, grooves, or uneven wear and replaced if needed. The brake fluid reservoir is checked to ensure it is filled to the proper level with fresh, clean fluid that hasn’t become contaminated.  
  • Tyres – The tread depth of each tyre is measured using a special tool to ensure there is enough legal tread depth remaining for safe driving in wet conditions. The tyre pressures are set to the recommended levels using an air pump. The alignment of the wheels is checked using specialist equipment to ensure the tyres are wearing evenly and the vehicle is tracking straight and true.
  • Steering & Suspension – All the key components of the steering system like the tie rod ends, ball joints, and steering rack are examined for any excessive play or wear. The suspension components like the shock absorbers and bushings are inspected for leaks, damage, or deterioration. Any parts showing excessive wear are replaced to ensure the steering is precise and the suspension properly controls the vehicle’s body motions.
  • Electrics – Each of the exterior and interior lights is operated and checked for proper functioning, including headlights, brake lights, indicators, and dashboard illumination. The battery is tested to ensure it has sufficient charge and cranking power. All visible wiring is inspected for any chafing, breaks, or loose connections that could cause an electrical fault.

The garage will make any essential repairs or replacements needed to keep your car running smoothly and safely. Services also allow for preventative work like changing oils and lubricants to be carried out before a lack of maintenance causes a breakdown.

What About The MOT?

The annual MOT test is a minimum legal requirement to check key components for roadworthiness and emissions levels. If your car fails this test, it will be illegal to drive it until the problems are fixed – which could leave you stranded.

The MOT test checks many of the same areas as a service like brakes, tyres, lights, and the exhaust system. However, it doesn’t involve the same in-depth inspections and preventative work. That’s why getting your car serviced regularly, as well as the annual MOT, is so important.

Choosing The Right Garage

When selecting a garage to service or MOT test your car, make sure they are qualified to work on your particular vehicle’s make and model. Many garages are affiliated with specific manufacturers and follow their approved service schedules.

Independent garages can often be cheaper but make sure they employ properly trained technicians and use the correct equipment and original parts for your car. You should also check if they can supply you with a new MOT certificate after the test.

Whichever garage you choose, it’s wise to use one that is signed up to a recognized code of practice to protect your rights. Check online reviews too for a garage with a good reputation for quality, value, and customer service. technology

Maintain For Safety And Value 

Allowing professionals to inspect and maintain your car regularly is the best way to stay safe, comply with regulations, reduce running costs, and maintain your vehicle’s value. Don’t skip services or ignore dashboard warning lights – it will only lead to more expensive repairs later.

Although often seen as a necessary hassle, keeping up with maintenance and MOTs should be viewed as an essential investment that ultimately saves you money while protecting you, your passengers, and other road users.

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