How to Style Boxer Shorts for a Chic Beach Look

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Is the beach your favorite destination and you want to be there in style and with confidence? While a swimsuit might sound like the ultimate choice for the beach, why don’t we choose something different? Men’s boxer shorts are among the most amazing fashion options that can create a wonderful and laid-back beach look. Besides, once you have some styling tips and tricks up your sleeve, you will find out that you can easily put some sass into your boxer shorts too. Let’s dive in!

Choose the Right Pair

It is extremely important to select the correct pair of boxer shorts before you start styling. If possible, opt for boxers produced from lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton or linen to feel comfortable. Why not try some funky prints or bright colors that can give a personality look to your beach attire and bring some zing to it?

Pair with a Casual Tee

To create an easy beach style, you can wear your boxer shorts with a traditional crewneck tee or V-cut T-shirt. Use neutral shades when possible to be in sync with the short’s colors. Colors like white, gray, or navy are some of the classic choices. Roll up the sleeves subtly to make it even more of a casual look but if you want to look a bit serious about it, tucking in the front of your tee will do the work.

Layer with a Lightweight Shirt

Add a twist to your beach-style look by pairing men’s boxer shorts with a light and airy button-down shirt. Go for a linen or cotton shirt; it would be better if it were in around the same color shades or a pattern that is not too vivid. Go for an unbuttoned shirt if you are going for a chilled-out look, and try some rolled-up sleeves for a sprinkling of flavor. This is a multi-purpose outfit that is ideal not only for beach activities but also for a drink around the bar on the beach.

Accessorize with Flip-Flops

Every beach outfit is incomplete without the right footwear. It is best to go for a pair of comfy flip-flops, which can make you look really breezy. Go for the more neutral or earthy tones that nicely complement your boxer shorts and bring that relaxed look to your outfit.

Add a Stylish Hat

Make a fashionable statement while you protect yourself from the sun’s rays by pairing your outfit with a cool hat. Maybe you pick a vintage woven fedora, a dashing bucket hat, or a cool baseball cap, but no matter what, a hat will accentuate your beachwear in style. A hat in either a matching color or some bold style will do the trick. You will have full outfit coordination this way.

Accessorize with Sunglasses

Save your eyes from the sun’s glare by having your own pair of sunglasses that will surely enhance the look of your outfit. The features of shape – aviators, wayfarers, or a round frame – are ultimately yours to decide. Select sunglasses with polarized lenses which offer the best sun protection and viewing clarity.

Finish with a Statement Watch

Pick up a fashionable watch to make you look great on the beach with a striking watch that mirrors your unique style. It can be a beautiful analog watch, a robust diver’s watch, or a stylish smartwatch. When you add a watch to your outfit, it becomes more sophisticated. Go for a watch featuring water-proof technology and you do not have to worry about the occasional spontaneous dipping in the ocean.

Ultimately, confidence is the best accessory out there. Own the summer look of the beach with coolness and confidence so that you look like you have made a minimum effort to style with the surroundings. Take the opportunity to enjoy the easy-going nature of the beach lifestyle and express yourself through your clothing choices.

To top off, styling men’s boxer shorts for a beach day can be achieved with creativity, boldness, and comfort. Money does not make or break fashion. So a very affordable pair of boxer shorts and just some simple styling choices can result in a fashionable beach look that is also very comfortable. XYXX’s boxer shorts are made to give you the utmost comfort and nothing can be better than that for a beach day. Therefore, when packing for the beach for next time skip swim trunks and have the stylish practicality of boxer shorts. Be prepared to stun the crowd and get the attention everyone deserves with your flawless beach look.

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