How to Read Lagna Chart For Career?

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Astrology is well known for its ability to predict the future, and a birth chart can show many different kinds of charts. But among all these charts, which of them is the most significant? If you are unsure which Kundali to search for in your birth chart, consult an astrologer to learn about the Lagna Kundali.

What is Lagna Kundli?

Astrology uses the term “Lagna” for definitional purposes. The zodiac sign that is rising on the earth’s eastern horizon at the moment of a person’s birth is known as the Ascendant. This house is where the birth chart begins. Another name for it is the first house. A birth chart can have many different kinds of charts, the most significant of which is the Lagna Kundali. This chart never loses its effectiveness. The Ascendant is the name of the Ascendant’s lord. The Ascendant is the viewpoint that is used whenever a planet needs to be calculated or its potential outcome determined.

How is a Lagna Chart Created?

Everyone knows that the Earth rotates around the Sun. We are all aware that stars eventually shift positions in the sky. They no longer appear in the same location as before. We are aware that the earth’s rotation is the cause of this.

Each sign of the zodiac arrives in the east one day at a time because the earth moves from west to east on its surface. Since there are twelve signs of the zodiac and twenty-four hours in a day, a new sign will emerge in the earth’s east approximately every two hours.

This is how the birth chart’s Lagna Kundali is prepared. Whichever sign of the zodiac is rising in the east at that moment is the Rising for that individual whose birth chart has to be made. Afterward, the birth chart contains all of the planets related to that zodiac. After creating and examining this chart, an astrologer can perform janam kundali predictions.

Analyzing Career Indicators

Planetary Placement in the 10th House

The 10th house of the Lagna Chart, also known as the Karma Bhava or House of Career, governs one’s profession, vocation, and public reputation. Planets positioned in the 10th house, especially benefic planets like Jupiter and Venus, can indicate success, recognition, and fulfillment in career endeavors.

Lord of the 10th House

The planetary ruler of the 10th house provides further understanding of career opportunities and potential. Its strength, placement, and aspects in the chart can influence the individual’s career trajectory, leadership abilities, and professional achievements.

Lagna Lord and Career Direction

The position and condition of the Lagna Lord, the ruler of the Ascendant, provide clues about the individual’s overall life direction, including career objectives. A strong and well-placed Lagna Lord can indicate clarity of purpose and success in professional works aligned with one’s innate talents and strengths.

Importance of Lagna Chart?

  • The Ascendant Kundali shows the form, nature, and character of the individual. This also shows the person’s business and reputation.
  • The Lagna Kundali provides information on an individual’s physical well-being.
  • Lagna Kundali also provides knowledge of life’s successes and failures. This also shows the person’s struggles and sense of confidence.
  • The native’s benefits on grief and suffering are also visible in the Lagna Kundali.
  • Where will the native live, and foreign-related information can be seen about the individual?
  • The Lagna Kundali can also reveal information about the individual’s siblings and friends.

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Types of Lagna Kundli

In the zodiac, there are twelve signs. There are twelve Lagna Kundali in all because each sign of the zodiac forms one. However, a person can only have one Lagna Kundali. The following are the twelve varieties of Lagna Kundali.

  • Aries Lagna Kundali
  • Taurus Lagna Kundali
  • Gemini Lagna Kundali
  • Cancer Lagna Kundali
  • Leo Lagna Kundali
  • Virgo Lagna Kundali
  • Libra Lagna Kundali
  • Scorpio Lagna Kundali
  • Sagittarius Lagna Kundali
  • Capricorn Lagna Kundali
  • Aquarius Lagna Kundali
  • Pisces Lagna Kundali


Every zodiac sign has a unique Lagna Kundali. You can consult with an astrologer if you’d like to learn more about your life based on your Lagna Kundali. After examining your Lagna Kundali, an astrologer will provide you with specific life advice and cures.

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