How to Install Canon PG-260 and CL-261 Ink Cartridges

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The process of installing cartridges can be a challenge for those who aren’t familiar with the process. Even though it could appear that installation of the cartridges requires extra help, it’s not that complicated and can be completed in a short time. If you want to sell toner cartridge then visit us.

Installing Canon PG-260 and CL-261 ink cartridges is easy and takes just a couple of minutes. You shouldn’t have any issues installing either of the standard or high yield cartridges as they work the same manner. There is only one difference in these two cartridges is the amount of ink they are stocked with.

Here is a step-by step guide to installing Canon PG-260 and CL-261 ink cartridges.

How to Install PG-260 Ink Cartridges

In this video we’ll change the ink cartridge PG-260 on the Canon PIXMA printer. Installing a CL-261 color cartridge is similar to the process like installing the PG-260 cartridge. It can be used with any of the compatible printers that are described in this tutorial. It is also important to note that both normal yield and high yield cartridges operate the same way as the printer you have.

These steps are to be followed:

Step 1. Remove all the wrappers from your cartridge and then open it.

Step 2: Peel the orange tape from the side of the cartridge, and then dispose of it in a trash can. Once the tape is removed then the vent hole on the back of the cartridge is revealed and it can work within the printer.

Step 3: Don’t touch the contact points made of gold while you’re preparing the cartridge. Contact points can be affected to fingerprints, and if dust or grease get on them, your printer will show the error code. If you accidentally contact them, you can utilize a towel with no lint to clean the areas of contact.

The fourth step is to take the cartridge from the printer, lift its lid and allow the cartridges to be centered before pulling on the gray clasp and taking it out. A black printer is placed within the “B” latch, whereas the color cartridge is kept within the “C” latch. Since the cartridges can’t be interchanged be sure to put the correct cartridge into the correct slot.

Step 5: Insert the new cartridge into the slot, and ensure it is secured by taking the latch off and re-securing it.

  1. Wait for a few minutes for your printer to begin to work after you close your printer’s top. Now you can begin printing!

Which printers work with PG-260/CL-261 ink?

The printers are compatible with Canon PG-260 or CL-261 cartridges for ink:

* Canon PIXMA TR7020

* Canon PIXMA TS5320

* Canon PIXMA TS6420

How long can Canon’s PG-260/CL-261 ink last?

Standard yield: The of the black Canon PG-260 cartridge can print up to 180 pages.

*The Canon CL-261 tricolor cartridge comes with the standard production of 180 sheets.

* Around 400 pages are printed using the Canon PG-260XL high-yielding cartridge in black.

* Around 300 pages could be printed using the Canon CL-261XL tri-color printer.

The estimated page yield of a cartridge is determined by 5% page coverage , or prints that have ink that covers five percent or more of the pages. If you print only 5percent or more of the pages, you’ll receive the full-page yield. Expect that the page count will decrease by half if you print half total pages, pages in full-color or photos.

We recommend printing at minimum every two weeks to get the best results. It helps keep your cartridges in prime condition to last longer, thus cutting down on cleaning the printers that can rapidly deplete the ink tank if you do it often.

What is the difference between Canon PG-261 / CL-261 and PG-261XL / CL-261XL ink?

The amount of ink contained within the PG-260/CL-261 standard yield as well as the PG-260XL/CL-261XL ink cartridges is what makes the major distinction. These XL cartridges are exactly the identical size to the regular cartridges and are placed in the printer in the same way, however, they are able to hold more ink.

If you decide to the option to print, you will be able to use two cartridge sizes (a high yield PG-260XL cartridge, for instance can be used in conjunction with the standard yield color CL-261).

If you print regularly We recommend choosing the high-yield cartridges since conventional yield cartridges will not hold the same amount of ink. With the XL cartridge, you will not only have more prints however, your operational expenses are also less.

While cartridges with standard yield are less costly when the price per page is taken into account high yield cartridges have better value in the long run. Consider, for instance the PG-260 black standard yield and PG 260XL high-yield cartridges. The standard yield PG-260 is $17.99* and prints as many pages. The PG-260XL model is priced at $31.99 and prints 400 pages. Divide the cost by the number of pages in order to determine the price per page.

The cost per page is to print the Canon PG-260 standard yield black cartridge:

$17.99 or 180 pages =.099 or $9.9 cents per page

The cost per webpage for the Canon PG-260XL high yield cartridge in black:

$31.99 400 pages =.079 or 7.9 cents per page

The price per page for the standard yield cartridge is 9.9 cents. The high yield cartridge costs 7.9 cents. Thus printing with the higher yield is more affordable, and you get more ink!

Does it matter if I have two cartridges into my printer in order to print?

Yes both cartridges are essential for your printer to function, and they are able to be repaired as required!


Certain Canon printers have separate cartridges of ink, whereas others utilize a black and tri-color cartridge. While both cartridges print the same high-quality prints however, many customers prefer the separate cartridges for ink since they are more flexible and offer longer-term savings.

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