How to Change Your Name on PAN Card

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Updating or correcting your name on a PAN card can be done easily through the NSDL e-Gov portal. Follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure a smooth process.

Step 1: Visit the NSDL e-Gov Portal

Go to the NSDL e-Gov website.

Step 2: Access PAN Services

Click on the ‘Services’ tab and select ‘PAN’ from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Change/Correction in PAN Data

Scroll down and find the ‘Change/Correction in PAN Data’ section. Click on ‘Apply’ under this section.

Step 4: Fill in the Online PAN Application

Choose ‘Changes or Correction in existing PAN Data/Reprint of PAN Card’ as the application type. Fill in your personal details:

  • Title
  • Last Name/Surname
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Date of Birth/Incorporation/Formation
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number
  • Citizenship
  • PAN Number
  • Enter the ‘Captcha Code’ and click ‘Submit’.

Step 5: Receive Token Number

After submitting the initial details, you will receive a Token Number on your email. Use this number to continue the process if interrupted.

Step 6: Continue with PAN Application Form

Click on ‘Continue with PAN Application Form’ after receiving the token.

Step 7: Choose Submission Method

Select one of the following options for submission:

  • Submit digitally through e-KYC & e-Sign (Paperless)
  • Submit scanned images through e-Sign
  • Forward application documents physically

For a fully online process, choose ‘Submit digitally through e-KYC & e-Sign (Paperless)’.

Step 8: Request Physical Copy (Optional)

If you need a new physical copy of the updated PAN card, select ‘Yes’. Note that nominal charges will apply.

Step 9: Aadhaar Verification

Enter the last four digits of your Aadhaar number for verification.

Step 10: Update Required Details

Update the necessary details. Tick the relevant box indicating the correction or update needed. Click ‘Next’ to proceed.

Step 11: Update Contact Details

Enter your new address, updated mobile number, or email address and proceed.

Step 12: Attach Proof Documents

Upload the required proof documents, including a copy of your PAN card.

Step 13: Declaration

In the declaration section:

  • Mention your name.
  • Declare that you are submitting the form in your capacity (self).
  • Enter your place of residence.

Step 14: Upload Photograph and Signature

Upload your photograph and signature as per the specifications mentioned on the portal. Click ‘Submit’ after uploading.

Step 15: Form Preview

Review the form and enter the first eight digits of your Aadhaar number. Ensure all details are correct before proceeding.

Step 16: Make Payment

Complete the payment using the available payment gateways. After successful payment, you will receive a payment receipt.

Step 17: Complete KYC Process

Accept the terms and conditions and click ‘Authenticate’. An OTP will be sent to your Aadhaar-registered mobile number. Enter the OTP to verify.

Step 18: eSign Process

Click ‘Continue with eSign’, accept terms and conditions, and enter your Aadhaar number. Click ‘Send OTP’, enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number, and verify.

Step 19: Download Acknowledgement

Download the acknowledgement form. The password to open this file is your date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY.

Physical Submission (If Chosen)

If you opted to forward documents physically, print the acknowledgement form, attach the necessary documents, and send them to:

Copy code
Income Tax PAN Services Unit,
Protean eGov Technologies Limited,
4th Floor, Sapphire Chambers,
Baner Road, Baner, Pune - 411045

By following these steps, you can successfully update or correct your name on your PAN card using the NSDL e-Gov portal.

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