How to Ask for Google Reviews? 6 Tips & Examples

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Google reviews could benefit your company by assisting in many ways. The people who look through Google reviews before deciding they want to work with you. It’s, therefore, crucial to include reviews for the Google Business Profile (GBP) to establish trust with prospective customers.

Google reviews may influence GBP ranking and conversion rates. They can also alert you to problems with customer service that need your attention or money now you are thinking why I am saying about money because I have an agency which will provide you reviews for a small amount of money. You only have to pay once to Buy Google Positive Reviews to build you business rating better. we’ve figured out why Google reviews are so critical, Lets discuss how to solicit them.

Tips to Ask for Google Reviews

You are allowed to solicit Google reviews.  Google encourages it (if you do it correctly).Here are six things to remember when asking for feedback on Google.

1. Set Expectations Upfront

If you are involved in discussions or exchanges with customers, inform them immediately that your opinions matter and you’ll seek to hear their views afterward. With a head-up, it is possible to prepare their brains for the time to favor feedback. In addition, they may pay greater attention to their own experience. This also means that it won’t be an unexpected surprise if you request a review in the future. This could raise the chances of them writing a review.

As an example, if you’re a provider of services, you could say:

“After the service we provided today, I’ll email you an email to leave your feedback via Google. We sincerely value and welcome our customers’ feedback as it enables us to rise continuously.”

When you set this goal by stating this expectation upfront, you demonstrate to the client that feedback is essential to you and that you’re committed to providing the perfect customer service you can. The process can create a feeling of collaboration and mutual respect between the firm and the client.

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2. Ask at the Right Time

Timing is critical when asking for reviews. A request made at an unsuitable or untimely time may mean the difference between getting valuable reviews and being disregarded.

These are a few things to be aware of when it comes to timing:

Post-purchase or post-service: It is ideal to solicit a review quickly after a customer has had a positive experience with your product or service. This will ensure that the experiences are fresh in their minds, and they can remember particular details and incorporate them into their review.

Could you take note of their mood? This is usually the case with conversations with people over the phone or face-to-face. If you think customers are in an unhappy mood or have experienced unsatisfactory experiences, then it is sensible to address the issue first before asking for a testimonial.

After positive experiences: If a customer had recently expressed praise or gratitude for the service you provided or expressed their satisfaction differently, it’s an ideal time to inquire for a testimonial. You’re in a favorable mood about the business.

3. Make It Personal

Interactions that are automated and impersonalized are the norm these days.It could make a massive impression for you to stand out and be in touch with your clients by personalizing their requests.

Here are a few methods to add your flair when you ask for reviews:

Utilize their names: Making your request explicit by using the Name of your customer can instantly get the attention of your target audience. It’s less an ordinary mass mailing but more like a personal dialogue. It won’t make them appear like a phone number.

 Indicate particular interactions: If you can, provide the details of their purchase or service received. For example, “We hope you enjoyed the blueberry cheesecake you ordered last Tuesday!” Specifics like this show your customer you appreciate and are aware of their individual experiences.

Customize feedback questions: Instead of asking generic inquiries, you can tailor them to the client’s product or service. For example, “How did you find the installation process for our software?

Reward loyalty: If you have a repeat customer, thank them for your continued loyalty. “Thank you for making us your choice once more. We’d like to hear about your latest encounter with us.”


Making the review personal means more than just receiving a positive review. It’s about making customers feel appreciated and respected. If customers believe that the business truly cares about the company on a personal level and are comfortable with the company’s values, they’re more likely to be engaged with the company and provide feedback.

4. Make It Easy

An easy way to gather more client feedback is to make it simple and easy for the customers.

Most people don’t want to take on a difficult task

If you can make it easier for customers to write reviews, your site could encourage more people to provide feedback and views. The good news is that Google has made it extremely easy to solicit Google reviews. It is easy to create a simple and shareable link that leads customers to a page that allows them to write you review. While you edit the details of your Google page, select ” Ask for reviews.” A window will appear displaying the GBP review URL. Send this link to your clients. Your customers are more likely to leave reviews if this is implemented. Additional Reading: Google has an excellent support manual for obtaining a Google review.

5. Follow Up if Needed

Sometimes, your clients may need to remember or ignore your message to request reviews. In this case, you could contact them to remind them.

But be cautious to avoid bugs or irritating your contacts by sending too many follow-up emails. A few times with them is acceptable. More than that, however, might not be the best plan.

Here’s a sample follow-up message that you can use

Hi [Name],

We hope you’re doing well! We’ve been in touch with you a while back and reached out to ask whether you’d like to write about your experience with [Your Name[Business Name] via Google Reviews. Life is hectic, so our request could have fallen through the gaps.

Feedback from you is valuable for us as it allows us to continuously improve our service. If you can spare a few minutes to share your thoughts, we’d love to hear your opinions.

Here’s the link to which you can provide your feedback. [Insert Link[Insert Link

We thank you for selecting the Name of your business. Thank you for choosing [Business Name].

Warm Regards,

[Business Name]

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6. Show Appreciation for Feedback

We thank our customers for leaving a review. Reviews. It doesn’t matter whether the review is favorable or not.

Positive reviews can increase the credibility of your company. They show the things you’re doing well.

Simple thanks will go a long way.

In contrast, negative reviews can be growth opportunities.

Acknowledging your customers’ reviews demonstrates your commitment to addressing issues. It can also reassure customers and potential clients that you’re committed to excellence.

In both instances, speedy and honest responses are crucial.

Semrush Review Management tool to reply to reviews you leaves on Google.

After you’ve set up the program, under “Review Management” report, once you’ve configured the tool “Review Management” report, it will allow you to view your overall rating and individual reviews and even reply in response to Google reviews.

To reply to Google reviews, go to the “Review Management” tab and click on the section titled “Reviews.”

Visit the review that you’d like to comment on. Enter your message in the “Enter your reply” box, after which hit “The” Reply” button.

You can also view the “Review Analytics” report, which examines how your reviews compare to those of your competition.

Let’s look at how to request the Google review with some illustrations.

How to Ask for a Google Review in an Email?

Email is an extremely effective option for soliciting reviews for your business on Google.

Example #1

Hi [Name]!

The Name is from the company name. We would like to thank you for the business you have given us and wish you liked our product or service! We truly appreciate each customer we’ve had and are grateful for your support! Are you interested in telling us about your experience on the Internet? We’d love to have your comments published publicly.

Click on the link below and then leave us a link for a review. You will take you to the review screen (Google Review Link)

If you’ve got time, give as much detail as possible

  • What was your favorite thing regarding our [Product/Service what did you like about our [Product / Service]?
  • How did you interact with the employee you worked for?
  • What were you most impressed with?

Thank you for your time [Name]!

Best regards,

– [You’re Name]

Example #2

Hello [Name],

We’ve had you as our loyal client for quite some time, and we’d like your thoughts on our [Service / Product (Product or Service).  If you do, follow the link and then leave us a comment. Google Review Link:

I appreciate your support”[Name]!

Best regards,

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