Go with a Longer Nano Portable Laser Engraver.

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In the typically DIY crafting and professional engraving, LONGER Nano Portable Laser Engraver is one of the leading products that integrates portability, precision, and power. Whether you are an artist, an amateur, or a businessperson, this laser engraver is precisely what you need to sharpen your plan and add the professionalism you need for creativity. With the current reduction in price, such a strategy looks very convincing for anyone seeking an excellent engraving solution for their investment.

Unmatched Portability and Power

Amidst the most intentional features of the LONGER Nano, its mobility cannot be understated. Despite its compact size, this engraver packs a powerful punch, available in two models: the 6W Nano and the 12W Nano Pro. This power variation, which is possible when selecting the specific model, enables the users to choose between different options, while the 12W version is designed for more complex tasks.

Ultra-Fast Engraving Speed

Another critical aspect of the LONGER Nano is its engraving speed, approximately 2200mm per second, thanks to a versatile Galvo. The following system ensures the engravings will not fade even during high speeds. Thus, customers can finish their projects fast while maintaining high engraving quality and precision.

Precision and Versatility

After careful examination, users always realize precision is a critical factor in laser engraving, and the Longer Nano delivers a remarkable accuracy of 0.02mm. This precision is facilitated by the field lens, which guarantees precise and even print across the work field. Furthermore, to provide clean cuts that can enhance the edges of a material, an engraver can only engrave straight edges without the sign of distortion.

Versatile Material Compatibility

Another attribute that should be noted is that LONGER Nano is flexible regarding material usage. This one can engrave almost anything, starting with wood and metals, plastics, and much more. This gives the tool versatility as it can be used in various activities and for personal and commercial purposes. The 12W laser can cut materials up to 8mm thick with higher energy and improved cutting and heat control technology. Actual cutting depth varies depending on the material being cut, as the 6W laser can take up to 4mm thick, giving much power for various cutting purposes.

For users looking for a cheap laser engraving machine or high-end jewelry engraving equipment, the Longer Nano meets the needs of various users. Its capabilities make it suitable as an engraving machine for rings or a general jewelry engraving machine, ensuring precision and quality in every project.

Longer Laser B1 30W (33-36W Output Power)
Longer Laser B1 30W (33-36W Output Power)

User-Friendly and Flexible Design

The LONGER Nano is designed with user convenience in mind. Thanks to an extension rod, it offers a maximum workspace of 100*300mm, allowing for larger projects. Furthermore, the included claw attachment allows for engraving on the curved surfaces as a bonus feature, increasing the unit’s creative flexibility.

Seamless Software Integration

Being easily compatible with various other software tools used in industries is essential for a laser engraving machine, and this Longer Nano fulfills it. Specifically, those are Lightburn and LaserGrbl, the most popular software now, describing the integration of the product into the existing processes without the necessity of additional adjustments. This compatibility enables users to work with desirable intricacy and detail levels by using readily recognizable tools to achieve engravings.

Effortless crafting with mobile app control

Going further in user-friendliness, the Longer Nano can also be controlled via a specially designed mobile application. This app reduces the number of steps in engraving as the user only needs to draw, view the preview, and start engraving from the same space. For instance, the user interface is straightforward so that users who have never dealt with laser engraving can pick up the tool and get to work while achieving various brilliant projects.

Applications across home and business

The LONGER Nano’s portability, power, and precision make it suitable for various applications. From personal DIY projects to business uses, it handles everything with ease. Customize nearly anything on the go, from individual items and gifts to business products and promotional materials.

As a mini laser engraver and small laser engraver, it’s perfect for those who need a portable cutting laser without sacrificing performance. The Longer Nano proves that size doesn’t have to limit capability, making it a practical choice for various engraving and cutting tasks.

Longer Nano Portable Laser Engraver - PreSale
Longer Nano Portable Laser Engraver – PreSale

This LONGER Nano Portable Laser Engraver is a marvel that has made a significant difference in the market for portable engraving machines. Its combination of power and sting, versatile functions, easy-to-operate functionalities, and applicability to various materials make it a perfect choice for everyone ranging from DIY enthusiasts to specialists. Extending this privilege as a pre-sale discount provides everyone with the best opportunity to own this fabulous device and apply it for self-expression, entertainment, and productivity at any time. Whether working from home or out and about, this engraving tool is ready to deliver the best performance with the precision and speed you seek.

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