Fashion content without cost: tips from fashion photographer Kristina Voiloshnikova

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According to statistics, 9% of the population is thinking about starting a business or has already done so. Fortunately, the internet offers numerous easy and user-friendly tools to launch sales of anything. That said, an important key to online sales success is vibrant, recognizable, and engaging content. But how do you make selling photos when the business has just launched, and there is no money for expensive photo shoots, as in glossy magazines? 

The answer is within your reach – to create content on your own. How to do it and what to pay attention to in order to get great shots are shared by fashion photographer Kristina Voiloshnikova. With hundreds of hours of shooting for fashion brands, many of which took place against the backdrop of Kamchatka landscapes, Kristina creates all the content for her own brand AVGUST herself. Today, she empowers you with the secrets of how to create stylish and professional photos for your fashion brand without expensive equipment, studio rental and a team of stylists and makeup artists. Ready? – Let’s go!
Fashion content without cost: tips from fashion photographer Kristina Voiloshnikova

1. Use natural light
In the absence of expensive studio light, use the best available. Shoot with natural light that softly and evenly illuminates the model and clothing. The best time periods to shoot are morning and late afternoon – the so-called ‘golden hours’ – when the light is softest and warmest, and photography enthusiasts know it is the most flattering for any subject.
Choose a location with plenty of natural light, such as by a window or outdoors, to take the picture. Avoid direct sunlight, which can create harsh shadows. On a cloudy day, the light will be more diffused and soft, which is also ideal for taking pictures.

2. Look for interesting locations
If creating specialized shooting locations with complex and expensive styling is beyond your means, you can create interesting backdrops using public places, landscapes, or even home interiors.
When walking around the neighborhood, look for unusual and stylish places—graffiti on walls, abandoned buildings, parks, or beaches. Natural or urban landscapes can also be great backdrops for your photos.
“Choosing a location is one of the most inspiring and important stages of preparing for a shoot. In Kamchatka, I find places that emphasize the majesty and beauty of nature. It can be volcanoes, wild beaches, mountain rivers, or dense forests. Each landscape in Kamchatka is unique and has its character. I like to use natural elements to create dramatic and expressive photos that emphasize not only the models’ beauty but also the clothes’ uniqueness.
When choosing a location, I always consider how it will interact with the image we create. For example, the soft light of a sunset against the backdrop of volcanoes creates a stunning effect, while the fog in the forest adds mystery and depth. Kamchatka is an endless source of inspiration, and every time I discover new places that help me tell unique stories through my photos,” Kristina Voiloshnikova, a fashion photographer, shared her experience.
Fashion content without cost: tips from fashion photographer Kristina Voiloshnikova
3. Don’t be afraid to use your phone
Of course, nothing can replace a good DSLR. But at the first stage, a phone will do. Modern smartphones have excellent cameras that can make photos no worse than professional ones. Master the basic camera settings and try different shooting modes to achieve the desired result. Experiment with angles and perspective to find the best angles.

4. Take pictures in motion
Two basic rules apply: the camera doesn’t move, and the model does. Photos in motion look lively and dynamic, adding energy and emotion. So, ask the model to walk, jump, or move in front of a reliably stabilized camera. Catch moments when clothes flutter beautifully or emphasize the model’s figure. This will give your photos a natural and vital feel.

5. Photo editing
There are plenty of accessible or affordable editing programs and applications on the Internet that will significantly improve the quality of your content. Programs such as Lightroom, Snapseed, or VSCO provide many photo editing options. You can adjust brightness, contrast, and color balance, add filters, and retouch photos for professional results.

Fashion photographer Kristina Voiloshnikova explained how you can create quality content for your fashion brand without spending much money. Of course, perfection comes with practice. The main thing is a creative approach, attention to detail, and willingness to experiment. Following these tips, you can create stylish and professional photos to help your brand stand out and attract attention.

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