Double Glazing Prices: How Much Should You Really Pay?

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Do you want to upgrade your own home’s home windows to double glazing? But sense harassed by means of the costs?

You’re not the only one. Lots of owners find double glazing charges tricky. There are so many alternatives!

This easy manual will give an explanation for double glazing prices in 2024. We’ll cover the things that affect the price. Give you an idea of what to anticipate. And display the savings that make it a great funding.

By quitting, you’ll recognize what you have to pay for your private home and budget. Let’s get started out.

Why Double Glazing is a Smart Choice

First, a brief recap on why double glazing is so fantastic:

  • Saves strength: Double glazing insulates higher than single  glazing. Keeps your private home warm in wintry weather and funky in the summer season. Means decrease power bills.
  • Blocks noise: The greater glass and layer lessen out of doors noise lots. Make your private home more peaceful.
  • Boosts cost: Buyers like double glazing. It can boost your property’s resale price.
  • Improves safety: Double glazed windows are harder to break. Gives more protection against burglars.
  • Stop condensation: The insulating layer helps prevent condensation in your home windows.

What Affects Double Glazing Prices?

Not all double glazing is the same. A few key things exchange the charge:

1. Window Size

Bigger windows price greater. They need extra materials and work. As a rough guide, assume to pay approximately £two hundred to £six hundred in line with a rectangular metre. But it relies upon the opposite elements too.

2. Window Style

The window fashion modifications the rate. Here are some common kinds and their common charges:

  • Casement home windows: £2 hundred to £400
  • Sash windows: £550 to £900
  • Tilt and turn home windows: £450 to £six hundred
  • Bay windows: £a thousand to £2500

Remember, those are averages. Your specific charge depends on your precise needs.

3. Type of Glazing

The glazing type impacts each price and overall performance. The fundamental selections are:

  • Double glazing: Two glass panes with insulation in between. Usually prices £250 to £400 in line with the window.
  • Triple glazing: Three glass panes with  insulation layers. Pricier than double, around £450 to £600 according to the window. But it insulates and reduces noise even better.
  • Low-E glass: Has a unique reflective coating to bop warmness lower back internal. Double glazing prices are about 10-15% greater than normal glass.

4. Frame Material

The frame material changes each look and charge. Common sorts are:

  • uPVC: Most low-priced, £200 to £four hundred in line with the window. Low preservation and difficult-wearing.
  • Timber: Mid-priced, £500 to £1200 according to window. Looks warm and satisfactory but desires more care.
  • Aluminium: Most high-priced, £six hundred to £1400 in line with the window. Strong and light but no longer as insulating.

5. Installation

Don’t overlook the set up fee! Proper fitting is prime for great performance and assurance.

Installation fee depends on the range of windows, get admission to and your area. As a guide, the price ranges from £one hundred fifty to £three hundred per window.

Sample Prices for a three-Bed House

To provide you with an idea, here are some pattern expenses for 10 home windows in a 3-mattress residence.

Basic uPVC

  • Windows: 10 x £250 (average) = £2500
  • Installation: 10 x £one hundred fifty = £1500
  • Total = £4000

Mid-Range Wood

  • Windows: 10 x £800 (average) = £8000
  • Installation: 10 x £two hundred = £2000
  • Total = £10,000

High-End Aluminium

  • Windows: 10 x £one thousand (average) = £10,000
  • Installation: 10 x £three hundred = £3000
  • Total = £13,000

These are just examples. Your real charge depends on your property and selections. But it offers a rough idea.

The Long-Term Savings

The premature rate of double glazing can seem excessive. But don’t forget the financial savings over time!

With electricity charges rising, double glazing’s insulation can certainly reduce your heating and cooling payments. The Energy Saving Trust says upgrading from single to double glazing can store approximately £95 consistent with year in a semi-detached residence.

Over the 20+ year life of windows, the ones financial savings add up. There are also indirect financial savings, like much less wear in your HVAC and better domestic double glazing prices.

Tips for Best Value

To get the maximum for your money:

  • Get three+ rates: Get fees from at the least three organisations to evaluate.
  • Put quality first: Don’t simply choose the most inexpensive. Make sure it is properly-made.
  • Choose power green: Pick windows with a good power rating for max invoice financial savings.
  • Think approximately financing: Many corporations provide fee plans to unfold the value.
  • Look for presents: You may additionally qualify for authorities money to help improve double glazing. Check what is available.


So in brief, double glazing expenses vary plenty. It relies upon window size, style, glazing, frame and installation.

For a regular 3-mattress residence, anticipate to pay between £4000 and £13,000. Most people spend approximately £7000 to £8000 on common.

Yes, it is a massive funding. But the electricity savings, consolation and home fee make it well worth it in the long run.

By understanding the fee elements and following our tips, you may make a clever preference. And revel in top notch double glazing for many years to come!

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