Bringing Life to Your Living Space With Trending Floor Tiles

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Tiles can bring life to every nook and corner of your living space. They are much more than simply protecting your walls and flooring. They can narrate your stories, reflect your personality, and display your creativity. That’s why most homeowners prefer to infuse tiles, particularly floor tiles, into their interiors to turn their homes into a sanctuary of modern beauty and practicality. So, whether you want to install minimalist living room floor tiles that soothe your spirit or bold and passionate bedroom floor tiles that spark your imagination, let’s understand how floor tiles inject life into your living spaces. Also, let’s talk about some trendsetting floor tile designs that can transform your living space into a stylish and warm haven. 

Living Space Floor Tiles: Heaven Under Your Feet

When it comes to flooring in living space, you should consider durable floor tiles. Thankfully, floor tiles now come in all sorts of designs and styles that can cater to diverse tastes. So, exploring trending floor tiles can always be rewarding whether you prefer a classic, timeless design or a contemporary, refined look. Moreover, you can find vitrified floor tiles in different designs, which are the most robust floor tile material, perfect for living spaces. 


Vitrified tiles are known for their robustness and elegant looks. They are perfect for flooring in heavy activity areas in your interiors, like your kitchen and living room. Plus, they are easy to maintain and come in hundreds of designs and styles, from patterned to natural stone. Also, they are quite water-resistant. So, if you want to add living room floor tiles, then you should pick vitrified tiles. 

Trending Floor Tiles for Your Living Space: Blend of Beauty and Functionality

Classic Black-and-White Tiles 

The combination of black and white floor tiles is classic. By creating a checkerboard floor design, you can provide a timeless look to your living space that does not need an update any time soon. This floor design can be excellent for your living room, corridors, bathrooms, or any space where you want to add a hint of regalness. Besides using plain black and white floor tiles, you can think of combining black and white marble tiles with subtle veining to take the luxe effect of the chessboard design a notch higher. 

Herringbone Style Tiles 

Herringbone tile designs are another trending floor design that gives a sleek and stylish look to the flooring. Homeowners usually go for herringbone living room or kitchen floor tiles to give the space a modern chic look. You can pick different types of herringbone tile designs, but the most popular one is wooden herringbone tile designs in multicoloured tones, which can provide a unique appeal to the space. 

Natural Stone Tiles 

Natural stone floor tiles are widely used for interior floorings as they possess the most realistic look of natural stone. Plus, unlike real stones, these floor tiles come at a fraction of their prices, which makes them extremely affordable for homeowners. So, if you want to infuse the everlasting charm of natural stone into your living space, you can lay natural stone floor tiles. From bathrooms to bedrooms, you can find numerous natural stone floor tile designs for every space. 

Geometric Tiles 

Geometric tiles are one of the most trending tile designs, known for making bold statements and providing visual interest to interiors. They come in hundreds of different designs that give your interior flooring personality. Whether you prefer an intricate or simple pattern, geometric tiles can make your living room or bathroom look amazing. So, consider infusing different geometric shapes into your flooring, ranging from triangles to circles. 

Terrazzo Tiles 

If you want a minimalist floor design with some pop of colour, terrazzo floor tiles are the best option. These tile designs usually have tiny coloured fragments on a neutral-toned base tile colour. They are perfect for small living rooms, shower spaces, and cooking areas, as they can add a stylish and modern touch. 

Wooden Tiles 

Wood remains a charming choice for every Indian. Indians do not fail to add wood to their living spaces, especially in the form of flooring, to add a rustic and regal touch. Since wooden flooring is not ideal for Indian houses because of its high maintenance and low longevity, you should consider wooden floor tiles. These tiles have a realistic wooden appearance that offers the same cosy and inviting feel as real wood interiors. 

Floor and Wall Tiles: A Perfect Combo in Every Area in Your Living Spaces

Why only focus on floor tiles? If you truly want to transform your living space into a luxurious space with practicality, you should infuse wall tiles too. By combining wall and floor tiles, you can achieve a sense of harmony between your flooring and walls.  So, when you explore floor tiles, check out wall tiles to create a unified and visually appealing living space. 


Now that you have come across some trending floor tile designs, how about infusing them into your living space? Do not just think of bathroom or living room floor tiles, consider floor tiles for kitchens, balconies, and bedrooms too. Reach out to Orientbell Tiles to create a living space that speaks your taste and personality using floor tiles.

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