Airless packaging for cannabis skincare products

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The cannabis skin care industries are shifting towards airless packaging of their product. It was analyzed and proved to be the best choice for these industries. Airless packaging offers a wide range of benefits for cannabis-infused beauty products.

Have you ever heard of airless packaging? This simple guide will help you understand the details of airless packaging. This post includes information on why this packaging matters, how airless technology works, and how they are more attractive and sustainable than traditional generic boxes.  Hold on tight to enlighten you with this strategy and make your brand shine with this packaging.

The rise of airless packaging

In 2020 many industries reported that airless packaged products will reach the sales growth of 5.2 billion dollars by the year 2025.

This fact reflects the rising demand for airless packaging. Consumers loved it because airless packaging protects and maintains the freshness of cannabis beauty products.

A simple concept of airless packaging

Airless packaging is a sleek container with a pump mechanism. This pump mechanism works by dispensing the product. After the pump mechanism, the base plate goes upward within the container which helps in preventing air from entering inside the box. This whole process consistently functions and keeps the product fresh.

Components of an Airless Package

Inner pouch

This is a flexible pouch that holds the product and collapses as it is dispensed.

Base plate

This plate rises within the pouch and pushes the product upwards.

Pump mechanism

The pump dispenses the product without letting air in.


The container has a stylish exterior that has an inner pouch and pump.

Airless vs traditional packaging

Traditional packaging like jars and tubes failed to prevent the outside air into the boxes.

These failures can lead to the following issues:


Oxygen breaks down organic ingredients. hence, reduces the potency of the product.


When the product is exposed to air, the risk of bacteria growth is increased. However, this impacts the safety of the product.


The volatile ingredients escape easily in an open environment. This messes with the quality of the product.

Airless packaging fights these issues by;

Preserves product quality

Airless packaging minimizes air exposure and helps to maintain the potency of cannabinoids.

Protects against contamination

The closed system minimizes the risk of bacteria or other contaminants entering the product.

Extends product life

Airless packaging can extend the life of cannabis skincare products.

Choosing the right airless package for your brand

Selecting the perfect airless package for your cannabis skincare line requires careful strategies from choosing the materials to the cost effectiveness.


You must choose premium quality materials like acrylic or glass. They will look luxurious.

You can also use recyclable plastic. As these are more eco-friendly.

Size and Design

Airless packages come in various sizes. sizes are available in travel-friendly options to the large containers. It all depends on your product size and your needs.

Design options range from sleek and modern to luxurious and high-end.

Select a design that reflects the identity of your brand.


Airless packaging can be more expensive than traditional options. However, It will benefit your brand more.

Using airless packaging for optimal results

Airless packaging will generate optimal results because they have;

Dispensing feature

Most airless packages have a simple pump mechanism. Press the pump for a controlled dose of the product.

Using Airless Packaging for Optimal Results

Airless packaging will generate optimal results because they have;

Dispensing feature

Most airless packages have a simple pump mechanism. Press the pump for a controlled dose of the product.

Two things you must do

  1. Store your airless packages in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This will extend the life of your cannabis skincare product.
  2. Clean the pump mechanism with a damp cloth periodically to ensure smooth operation.


Airless packaging offers superior product protection but they are not sustainable. 


Airless packaging can be made from recyclable materials like glass or certain plastics. However, the manufacturing process itself may have a higher environmental effect. 

Recycling and Disposal

Recycling options for airless packaging can vary depending on your location and local recycling facilities.


In short, airless packaging is good for cannabis skincare products because it keeps them fresh and protects them from bad stuff. This way, the creams and lotions last longer and work better. It also looks nice and is a good choice for your brand. You can find airless packaging in different sizes and styles to fit your product and brand. Just remember to store them in a cool place and clean the pump sometimes. While they are not perfect for the environment.

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