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The word bracelet is derived from the Latin term “brachium” and, in old French, “barcel,” both of which mean arm. Bracelets are made of different materials and shapes and have been worn by both men and women since ancient times. The reason for adorning bracelets varied from place to place; for instance, for centuries in Asia, people wore bracelets to ward off evil; in modern India, people wore them to signify marital status, but most people wore them purely for ornamental purposes. 

Interestingly, most people go for couple bracelets, which is why Totwoo Smart Jewelry has made love bracelets available in different styles and designs for couples. These bracelets serve as a fundamental symbol of commitment and love between the couples. The two loving individuals choose to wear them to express strength and bond in their relationship, even if they are not physically together. The meaning and purpose of a couple’s bracelet goes beyond stylish wear; it carries a sentimental value to the two. Therefore, take advantage of this season to grab a bracelet from Totwoo Smart Jewelry; we offer various jewels as follows;

lovers bracelet


  • Mountain and Seas touch bracelets with Milan rope (brown + black) have been designed with technology that enables the bracelet to vibrate or light whenever one partner touches it, as in have you in their hearts and minds. This creation was inspired by “I Love You from Mountains to the Sea,” hence the name. 
  • Sun and Moon touch bracelets with Milan rope (black + brown) are a gift for couples who aren’t staying together or are in a long-distance relationship. It is also a tap bracelet for couples since your friend or partner sees or feels it on their Totwoo bracelet with every tap. How was it inspired? We all agree that the existence of the sun and moon is eternal. In contrast, the sun symbolizes energy and strength while the moon symbolizes serenity and calm, hence the bond and emotional balance between the two wearers. 

tap bracelet for couples

  • Soulmate 2.0 touch bracelets create an intimate connection because, with every touch, you assure your friend or partner that you are thinking of them. Every touch of these bracelets transfers a glow of “thinking of you”, and a long press releases an “I love you” signal. Each signal can be personalized to your taste, as in color, which you can do on the app. Interestingly, at the back of this bracelet, there is an engravement, a quote from Austen reading, “My heart is, and always will be yours”.

The three love tap bracelets are just but a few; we offer more than that; if you need to make an order or view more of such enchanting pieces, click: now and grab the discounted pieces. How can these bracelets create a vibrant moment? Here are the reasons why you should grab one;

They create meaningful connections, and the fundamental reason for the couple’s bracelets is that they are tangible symbols of shared experience and cherished memories. They are a constant reminder of the bond between the two partners, bringing a sense of unity and closeness.

It is commendable to use jewelry as artistry and meaningful symbolization to bring about a powerful expression of emotions and personal style. We make the jewelry with you in mind to convey the message when you are apart, tell a story, and still show commitment or connection between the two.

The jewel symbolizes an everlasting affection, an enduring love; it is not just a jewel that communicates the emotional connection. With its intricate design, it is even more beautiful, accentuating one’s style. The names of all our jewels, the design, and the engraving convey a message of love and affection. 

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