5 Signs Your Company is Currently Under a Data Breach

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Every digital company regardless of the market, is exposed to cyber threats. The evolution of technology is opening many doors to cybercriminals to target your company. A successful data breach can be very critical for a business’s growth, specifically if it holds significant confidential data. Breach gives the malicious actors the data they can sell in the market or demand a ransom in exchange.

However, most organizations with limited knowledge about cybersecurity are unable to prevent these attacks. In most scenarios, company security is already breached and they don’t even get to know it. As a result, cybercriminals stay inside your system and exfiltrate your data without being noticed. Therefore, it’s important to know the signs that indicate an incident of a data breach so you can implement solutions accordingly.

Let’s dig deeper into this and explore the top 5 signs your company is currently under a data breach.

Telltale Signs Your Company Has a Breach in Progress

Most data breaches don’t have clear signs that everyone can experience. Instead, most of them maintain a low profile and steal the company’s data without drawing much attention. Detecting these types of data breaches can be hard, but there are certain signs that indicate a data breach. Paying attention to these signs will allow you to minimize the impact of the data breach to a minimum.

Here are some telltale signs that indicate the possibility of a data breach.

Slowed Internet and Devices

When an outsider is present in your network or your devices, they often become very sluggish. This is because they stay inside your system and utilize its resources to steal data. The most obvious reason behind this is that your systems are affected by malware, viruses, and other threats.

Therefore, if your IT team is unable to resolve this issue, then maybe it’s time to get your system investigated. Through cybersecurity investigation solutions, you can assess your system’s current security state. This will allow you to detect and eliminate anything suspicious. This is why organizations acquire detection services from cybersecurity companies in Abu Dhabi to detect existing threats and strengthen their security.

Suspicious Activities in Employees Accounts

Changes in company employees’ accounts are also signs of a data breach. If you notice any changes in account privileges, new accounts being created, or a loop of failed login attempts, it is most probably the activities of malicious actors. For example, if your developer team member account has access to the company’s financial account, then it’s time to take action.

Also, in some cases, you may notice employee’s accounts are being locked out of files they had access to. You might also notice that some of the company’s files have been moved, changed, or deleted without any reason. If you are experiencing these signs, then it’s time to consult with professionals and kick malicious actors out of your system.

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Unusual Outbound Traffic

Another major red flag is unusual outbound traffic from your network to an unknown IP Address. For example, if you transfer data from your country to a different country, you must ensure the IP address is familiar. If you are sending data to Dubai, but it’s being transferred to an IP in the UK, it could be a sign.

Unusual outbound connections can be critical, and you must pay attention to them. If you suspect anything strange, you need to strengthen your network security. You can consider professional cybersecurity services to ensure no unauthorized IP interferes with your network.

Strange Administrator Activities

A compromised administrator account is one of the most devastating signs of a data breach. Cybercriminals tend to target the most privileged administrator account so they get access to the whole network. This gives them control over everything, and they can then perform actions that can be very detrimental to a company.

Through administrator accounts, cybercriminals can also get access to confidential data like a high volume of database transactions. Therefore, if you notice any unusual actions being taken by your administrator, it’s a sign of a data breach. To address this, you can opt for solutions like MDR (Managed Detection and Response) to get active protection for data breaches.

Unexpected File Changes

A data breach is not like ransomware that hackers install into your system to block and control everything. It is a type of attack that allows cybercriminals to stay in your system without being detected. While they can’t be detected, you can still monitor their activities to identify them within your system.

The first thing that cybercriminals do when they breach your system is they interfere with system files. They change, replace, modify, or delete the files that delay the detection process. This allows them to stay in your system undetected. Considering this, you can opt for cybersecurity companies Abu Dhabi solution providers to scan your system and kick hackers out of it.

Are You Seeking Protection Future Data Breaches?

Successful data breaches can hinder the company’s growth and affect its financial health in many ways. You can refer to professional cybersecurity service providers to implement protective solutions. Contact professionals now to get rid of existing threats and safeguard yourself from future attacks.

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